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Vehicle Make : Toyota
Aaron C..
1 out of 5
My car had sun roof damage and the glass needed to be replaced, so when I called up my insurance company and they ran down a list of acceptable repair shops,I immediately pick Larry H **** collision shop. After all I did purchase my car from Larry H **** Toyota dealership. Well, what a mistake that was. They had my car for 8 days, in 8 days one would think that a glass replacement for a sun roof would be hassle free. Well when the car was returned to me, a day later I found out that the sun roof was not installed properly, the sun roof didn't re tract as it was supposed to. I called, had to leave a message as it was Saturday, and no one works on a Saturday there. I called my insurance adjuster and left a message to inform her of what the situation was and that I would be returning back the following Tuesday.. Well then on Sunday, two days after picking up my car from the repair shop, I find glass in the truck of my car. Pieces and pieces of glass everywhere. At this point, I'm a little more than upset. Especially since I was informed that my car was detailed., no one bother to check the truck. Well now it's Tuesday, and I had to return to the shop to get fix what was supposed to happen 8 days earlier..They cleaned up the glass and fix the sun roof with no apologizes for the inconvience, and so I left. I immediately return after stopping at the gas station filling up my tank and notice rock chips on the roof of my car. Why would there be rock chips when I was told my car was painted because of the rock chips?Well, when I returned for the 2nd time today,and after he inspected the roof,I was told it wasn't rock chips markings I saw, but a poor job of painting from a previous paint job not done by them. (My car has not been painted before)I then had to take my car elsewhere to get a different opinion and was told it was indeed rock chip.So now I'm back at the shop again, I guess 3x is a charm and had my insurance adjuster inspect the car who concluded it was indeed rock chips and not a poor paint job done previous. . My experience there is not one that I would recommend to anyone. We consumers have choices, with our cars being a big investment , they should have to earn it!!!. Larry H **** Collision did not earn my business!!!!!
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Vehicle Make : Honda
Michelle D..
1 out of 5
Took my car to Larry H. **** Collision Center four weeks ago. We were told that it would be done Friday (we took it in on a Monday) or Tuesday of the next week. It has now been 4 weeks. I am supposed to pick it up today. When I called to verify I was told it won't be ready until next Friday. No explanation just that they are very busy. I'm not sure I'll ever see my car again. I know there has been a lot of hail in our area but we had called ahead of time and made arrangements to wait until all parts were in before we started. They called US when they were ready to start work so we assumed it would get through the backlog in a "faster" manner. There has been no contact along the way from them, when we call we are always told "next Friday". It has been "next Friday" for four weeks now. I would not go to Larry H ****, choose another shop!


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