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Vehicle Make : Acura
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5 out of 5
I took my [girlfriends] car (2011 Acura TL) to Lithia a few months ago after someone backed into it. They did good work, not the point of this review. After I got my car back, I noticed the blinker was out. I asked my girlfriend to take it back to Lithia and see if they had forgotten to hook up a wiring harness or something. She didn't take care of it, months go by... Today I was in the area and I stopped in. The manager (I didn't catch his name) was at the front desk, I told him the story. So number one, this is literally months after they had worked on it. Number 2, I'm an idiot and they worked on the OTHER side of the car. I apologized for wasting his time, but he says, "well, they had the bumper off... I'll have them take a look anyway. Do you have a minute?" So think about how long it takes to get your car looked at for an insurance estimate, then consider that he took my car back to get it looked at while I waited. And probably it had nothing to do with the work that they did. This is already the best customer service ever. Within 10 minutes or so, he comes back up. "Ok, you're all set!" "Oh great! Wiring harness unplugged?" "Nope, we just put a new bulb in it." So I obviously feel like a Muppet at this point, but very greatful: "Thank you! [for getting it in so fast] What's the damage?" "Nothing. Have a great day!" *blank stare* "Thanks?" So let me recap: I brought my car in on a liability claim. I'm not sure they were paid well for that, but I didn't pay for it. Although they did fine work, it was basically an inconvenience for me. Not the sort of thing that would drive any particular return business. Hopefully, I will never need them again anyway! Then, I bring the car back MONTHS later with an obviously (in hindsight) unrelated issue. Not only does the manager not tell me it isn't their problem and to make an appointment, but he takes it back, fixes it on the spot, and comps it. MIND = BLOWN!!! Although I hope I never need more bodywork, I can guarantee you that I will go to Lithia for it if I do! It isn't about the free repair (although that was certainly nice). It's about accountability. Even though it probably wasn't anything to do with them, this manager took complete responsibility for it and took care of it, on the spot. Can you imagine the attention they will give to a paying customer and a repair for which they actually ARE responsible? Take your car to Lithia. I guarantee I will never take a repair ANYWHERE else


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