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Vehicle Make : BMW
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My vehicle was towed here due to an accident. At first, the shop was super helpful calling insurance for me trying to help my situation along. After the ruling of the case, that's when the communication issues started. I called the shop and asked what my options were for my car, he said to tow it and dispose (pay the shop a $450 fee) or find a buyer to purchase the vehicle. I found a potential buyer and called the shop on 6/29 to ask what would be a good time to come in to show the car, Gino couldn't give me a time and said he would give me a call back. I did not receive a call and tried calling several times where my phone call went to voicemail. I called on 7/3 to let them know I would be bringing a buyer in on Wednesday, 7/5. Gino told me that's fine and that he was not going to charge me any storage fees despite the car being there for over a month. I get to the shop, my buyer is ready to purchase, and the person working tells me I need to pay a $450 storage fee. It was surprising being told initially I would not be charged any storage fees so when they retracted from the statement, I was absolutely dismayed. I understand they are a business but the gentleman working, Sami, was unwilling to meet me halfway to reconcile the miscommunication; Gino was unavailable on vacation. It is obvious they wanted some money one way or another. Four hundred and fifty dollars is not a large amount for an auto body shop relative to someone who works hard to make ends meet here in the bay area. As a business, it shows poor quality, dishonestly, and respect for their customers. To willingly lose a customer for life as well as all my referrals over $450 is shocking. A business that does not stand up to their word is a huge trust concern especially for a body shop- a business that services a serious safety concern. Please be weary when doing business with them. Record your phone call if you are quoted no fees. Also, their storage fees are posted only at the shop's location which is outside the main lobby. They do not have a website either. I am posting this so that no other customer gets treated the same. It is sad that after all I went through, an accident, dealing with insurance, and finally losing my car, that the auto body shop ends up seeing an opportunity and taking advantage of me.


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