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Vehicle Make : Toyota
Michelle C..
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This has been the absolute worst experience that I have ever had with a repair on a vehicle. I had this accident over a year ago and needed a frame replaced for a front end accident with minimal front end damage and I am still having problems with my car. I had my vehicle towed to Greg Chandler's Frame and Auto Repair last year. They had my vehicle for months. I picked it up twice when they told me that it was ready. I barely drove it the first time and it felt like the left wheel was wobbling off when I was coming to a stop. My motion sensor lights were also on. When I went back the very same day, they insisted that they had test driven the vehicle numerous times. I can't imagine that they had done this because it was so obvious. The next time I picked my 2014 limited 4Runner up it was sitting too high and bounced with every slight bump on the interstate. And before I forget, let me mention that my car smelled like a grease monkey. So, I drove it home very frustrated. I was so frustrated that I made my husband call them this time and took it back again. Again, they Insisted that they had test driven it multiple times. No way!! It was so evident (bouncing)!! They had to take it to Moses and get work done on it more than once. They told my husband that "we are learning on this one". So when I picked it up the second time, I drove it and had to come back because if I didn't keep my hands firmly on the wheel I was going to end up in the yard of the person on the right side of the road. So they did the alignment. So, then I take it home and since then I have had to have two more alignments and tires balanced and now it sits lower on the left. So, now I refuse to take it back there even though they told me "just bring it back and we will fix it and the insurance will pay for it". So now I find out that they either put a wrong spring in the suspension or no spring at all and this might fix it. They put $22,000.00 in my car last year!!!!! They should have not taken a job that they could not do or didn't know how to do!!!!! I think my vehicle should have been a total loss last year!!!!! Please, people don't take your vehicles to this shop!! No STARS!!!


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