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THIS PLACE DISCRIMINATES AGAINST WOMEN!!! I recently was involved in an accident, no fault of my own, where an individual hit my right wheel and did some body damage on the right side. When I brought my car into Elite per my insurance company having a relationship with them and it being a one stop shop for myself, was able to deal with Geico, Elite and pickup a rental car. Wonderful, so I thought. Well when giving my description of what happened and what I thought needed to be completed based on me being the driver, I suggested an alignment. I said other things should be checked as well but an alignment definitely needed to be done. My car was in the shop for a little over a week. Which was fine because I had a rental and transportation, so I was good. I never once rushed them or asked what the status of my car was. Once I finally got my vehicle I took it home and immediately noticed a drift to the right when driving. IMMEDIATELY NOTICED THIS! I called back and they were like sure no problem, bring it back, blah blah blah. So I brought it back the very next day and described what was happening and left it for the day. When I picked it up I was told that three people drove my car (three men of course) and they found nothing wrong with my car at all. I was unclear if a second alignment had been done or not. They said they took it back to the place that does their alignment for them and was told everything was fine. I was even approached by a manage at Elite, without asking for one, and he reassured me that everything was fine and said it was just normal wear and tear. I then said maybe I need to get my tires rotated bc I did drive on it after the accident, why they wouldn't have done that to make my car right after an accident is beyond me but none the less I was going to get it taken care of, I needed an inspection anyways so I was going to get it all handled. I picked my car back up again on Thursday and was told everything was fine, fine, fine. That Saturday I went to go get a State Inspection and failed for a bulb being burnt out AND A BAD A RIGHT TIE ROD!! You are kidding me right? was my reaction. I explained my previous weeks hassle of getting my car fixed, it drifting to the right, the alignment, etc. I was told by not one but two shops that an alignment could have not been done properly because of the tie rod being bad. -_- Thankfully I ran into all good people Saturday when dealing with this from 8am -3pm. I was able to get everything wrong with my vehicle fixed and pass state inspection. Very big thanks to Bingo Tires and Auto Service on Granby Street for an honest inspection and not trying to sell me on fixing it. They told me what was wrong and how easy it would be to fix it. I took it to a super honest and trustworthy shop, Boon's Car Saloon on Princess Anne Rd. Scott and his team took great care of me and was able to replace the tie rod, do an alignment, balance and rotate my tires and get me back on the road in time to go back to Bingo Tires for a re-inspection with a pass. I honestly did not have a good feeling when walking into Elite the first time and I honestly wish I went with my intuition because we women do have that and when something is not right, we know. I hope next time you listen a little better to someone when they say something is not right with their own property that they utilize everyday. I will never use Elite Auto Body ever again and I am contemplating changing my insurance companies because of the terrible not only customer service I received but also terrible car work done. I would never recommend this place to anyone and I will always bring someone with me from here on out so I can be taken seriously.


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