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This place should be called RAMYS RIPOFFS. It started when we called in an asked for an estimate for replacing a sunroof. Ramy states that we would have to bring it in so he can take a look at it then advise us for what is needed. When we dropped it off he said he would contact us when they get a chance to look at. A day later, I called him and asked him where he was at with the estimate. He asked for my cell number and texts me a picture of a sunroof on a work table and tells me, "its a killer for me...I am working on it. I take the whole thing on the table... Losing money big time. I let you know later when its done.." The weekend goes by and I text him asking any word on the vehicle.. he texts back, "Please give us some times..few days". So I leave them alone for the week..wondering what is taking so long for them to figure out an estimate for replacing it. I text him before the weekend, but I get no response. Finally, the next week, I tell him that he has the vehicle for nearly 3 weeks and tell him I need to know whats going on. He texts back stating that he called "many" times but got a wrong number with a home answering service. So I called him and he picks up the phone and tells me this whole story about getting an internet number and calls our phone from another phone on speaker to prove that we have some answering service but to his dismay he gets our number and it rings. He obviously has been dialing the wrong number or didnt call at all and says he was calling. He finally states that it will cost nearly 3000 to replace the sunroof, so I ask him why did it take that long for him to tell me that it needs to be replaced when when already knew it was broken and needs to be replaced. I tell him no thanks and I will pick it up. After I pay the diagnosis fee and pick up the vehicle I noticed that everything is the same as when I dropped it off. So I start to wonder and I take the headliner and sunroof out myself, which nearly takes a day. When I was taking everything apart, I noticed there were screws, clips, and zipties not even touched or seals removed so I start to become furious. I take out the sunroof unit and compare the picture he sent me of the sunroof on the table and the actual sunroof and theyre two different sunroofs. I contact him with the pictures and ask him what did he charge me for diagnosis if he didnt even take out the headliner or sunroof unit like he said. Basically he charged me for telling me what I already knew, that it was broken and needed to be replaced. He doesnt return my call nor texts til the next day and states, "we remove the headliner and access the sunroof & give you option to fix it. Fee was agree in advance. no refund." There again the states that the headliner was removed, but it wasnt. So I asked him why did he charge me for something he didnt do? No response. I hope my experience will help others and realize that this place is a RIPOFF! RAMYS RIPOFFS. Dont go here. He will take advantage of you and con you out of your hard earned money. Stay away from RAMYS, other people too have been ripped off by this dishonest thief..


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