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Maria O.
Vehicle Make : Ford
5 out of 5
Thanks I happy your did a very good job thank so much
Alfred W.
Vehicle Make : Hyundai
5 out of 5
You guys were Great.You All did an Excellent Job!!!!.Thanks So Much.
Robert G.
Vehicle Make : Chevrolet
5 out of 5
Yes they did a very good job, just what I knew they would. Thanks
Talia B.
Vehicle Make : Toyota
5 out of 5
Super professional and also very friendly. Total peace of mind. Thanks so much!
Daniel H.
Vehicle Make : Toyota
5 out of 5
Great job
Jeffrey H.
Vehicle Make : Toyota
4 out of 5
Professional repair by professional people. Please let us know when the fog light assembly is in and we’ll stop by to have it changed out. Thank you!
Victoria G.
Vehicle Make : Chevrolet
5 out of 5
Have been here befote as they are the best and always go above and beyond to make sure ur completely satisfy. Car gets done when promised. Will always recommend them to everyone. Amazing work and staff. Simply the best.
Katie P.
Vehicle Make : Subaru
2 out of 5
Love the ultimate outcome of my car...don’t get me wrong! I’m not the type to complain AT ALL...but my fiancé, my father and a guy from Baird’s automotive thought I should mention a few things!! Unfortunately, I had to come pick up my car after I got off of work from the hospital (~8-9pm) so I TRULY appreciated someone coming and dropping off my keys during my lunch break (much later than your guys lunch break I’m sure). I had two super busy days at work that Wednesday (when my car was originally supposed to be done) and Thursday (when it was completely done, cleaned, perfect, etc.) so having someone come all the way across town meant the world to me- I wish I could have tipped him somehow but I never carry cash, haha! Anyway, I was able to get home safely that night and did not notice any problems until the next morning. I live all the way in Bloomington so I’m glad it didn’t die on the middle of I-74 in the middle of the night!! Anyway, the following morning, I woke up and was able to drive my children to school at 7:30am. By 2:30 when I tried to start the car again to pick them up from school, the car was dead! Mind you, I always check that all my lights and even the small dome light is off before I lock my car up...I learned the hard way when I was younger!! Plus, I knew I had just bought this battery a little over a year ago, so I was a little baffled. My main concern was my two little boys waiting outside the school in the cold for me to pick them up. I was able to reach my fiancé but he couldn’t really leave work- he had to get special permission from his boss given the circumstances (and I felt bad since he had already missed a full day of work back when the deer did hit and ruined my car in the first place!) My fiancé dropped the boys off at home and jumped my car before he left to go back to work. We let it run for 5-10 minutes and then I took it for a long drive like I’ve always been taught to do after having your car jumped. Anyway, even after this, the car immediately died once I stopped it in the parking lot of my bank while running errands. Thankfully, the bank was right next to Baird’s automotive shop so the bank called the owner to see if they could send someone over to jump it. They were super busy at the time, but they said they’d try to send someone over if we could wait a bit. After we thought they forgot about us, I walked over there to speak with them. My fiancé had left work again & he had already jumped it again so he drove over to meet me at Baird’s. We explained what was going on to the owner and asked if they had time to look it over to see if it was a problem with the battery, the alternator or something completely different. The owner hooked it up to a battery charger for 30-45 minutes while we left to run a couple more errands in my fiancé’s car. When we returned, he had some surprising news...both the battery and the alternator were just fine!! Everything was fine actually. He said something on the battery was not hooked back up properly (a wire that connects to where you jump the battery, I think?!? Not sure what it was called). It wasn’t screwed in or attached at all, it was just laying on top of where it was supposed to be attached so that was why it did originally drive home fine but then kept dying afterwards. He was surprised I was even able to drive home and drive my kids to school in the morning...Anyway, he also asked us, after we told him about the accident I was in, why they never finished repainting the passenger door. We had no idea what he was talking about (maybe because I had looked over the car in the dark when I picked it up? Shrug). He showed us a good section of the passenger door that was sanded, like it was possibly about to be painted, but never was! He only noticed it because it was dull and not shiny like the rest of the door. We found that to be odd...But anyway, he also showed us a part in the back, above the back right tire, where the pieces of metal weren’t lined up correctly. My fiancé said he had noticed that the morning after I got home but he figured it just wasn’t snapped in completely and maybe he could fix it later after work. I apologize for not writing or calling sooner- I’m not that great at complaining or explaining things about cars. Plus when I work, I have to get up at 4:30am, commute to champaign to start work by 7 and then sometimes I don’t leave the hospital until 8,9, or sometimes even 10pm if it was a rough day)...and then I have to drive an hour home and then sometimes get right back up at 4:30am for another shift!! So hopefully you can understand why I didn’t think to call/write you guys right away! The gentleman at Baird’s thankfully didn’t charge us, just told us to remember them the next time we need an oil change! They don’t do reconstructive work on cars after accidents, so I know it wasn’t like he was trying to steal business away from you guys! I felt like he was giving his honest opinion about everything, which was nice!! Please write me back at and/or call me at ****-****-xxxx if you have any questions or answers for me, a way to resolve these issues, etc. Thank you for you time- I know this was a long message!! :-)
Michael D.
Vehicle Make : GMC
4 out of 5
This is the third vehicle that Tim’s has repaired for me and so far I have been completely satisfied. I have recommended Tim’s to several people. What I like is the way they set the appointment and tell you the vehicle will be done by a certain time and it is. I have noticed vehicles set at other body shops for 4-6 weeks before they get it done. So far, Tim’s has been very quick in getting the repairs completed. I could have gotten my vehicle in sooner for repair but with Thanksgiving coming, I chose to wait. THANKS TIM’S!!
Will T.
Vehicle Make : Audi
5 out of 5
Cheryl and Tim were great!! And my car looks brand new! Thanks so much!
Janet M.
Vehicle Make : Honda
4 out of 5
Great work repairing my bumper after hitting a deer. It looks brand new, and thanks for the car wash and vacuum!
Zhouzhi W.
Vehicle Make : Volkswagen
5 out of 5
The car body repair is excellent. It’s like brand new after repair.
Madeline H.
Vehicle Make : Cadillac
5 out of 5
Very professional in all aspects of work and service. I would not hesitate
Kathleen E.
Vehicle Make : Subaru
4 out of 5
Professional and car ready when you said it would be. Thanks
Judy H.
Vehicle Make : Porsche
5 out of 5
The car looks great! Thanks!
Tonia W.
Vehicle Make : Kia
5 out of 5
It looks like a brand new rear end. They messages on the progress was an added bonus. I really appreciate the time Matt took to explain the question I had. Thank you all very much!!
Kiara A.
Vehicle Make : Jeep
4 out of 5
They were so quick. I love that they notified you every step of the way during repair and the vehicle just look great at pick up! Definitely my first choice for repairs in the C-U area. Well tell everyone I can about them!
Teresa H.
Vehicle Make : Chevrolet
4 out of 5
The text connection was fully appreciated. Keep up your great work!
Craig B.
Vehicle Make : Nissan
1 out of 5
After I picked up the car I noticed two things. ****) The mirror on the passenger door was not repaired and 2) the airbag indicator light is flashing.
Koji T.
Vehicle Make : Toyota
4 out of 5
The completion day was a little extended but the conditions were almost perfect and satisfied with their services. I would use here if I need to.


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