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1 out of 5
I normally dont write bad reviews, because things happen and i like to give places second chances, but this place has had so many chances to make things right and they didnt. Im hoping that this review saves someone from going through what i went through the last 12 weeks. Customer service is precisions last priority. If there were minus stars they'd get a minus 5. If you like excuses, lying and not driving your car then this is the auto body shop for you. Tomorrow will be 12 weeks that i have been trying to get my car finally fixed. I was in a accident the Thursday before Christmas and was referred to a different auto body shop by my Subaru dealer. They told me it would be a month cause they were way too busy. That was a long time for me not to have a car and so they gave me a list of shops close so i called around to see if anyone else had time. When i called Precision they said that they had time and could probably start that day or the next. Well that was the very first lie. Come to find out that is what they say to EVERY person that calls. They get your car to their shop and then hold it hostage for weeks. The front desk girl was very nice and they are the only thing good about this place. They are the only ones that ever acted like they felt bad for what was going on and the only ones that apologized. So i leave my car and a week and a half later i called to check in to see how things were going. They hadnt even started on it. Ben (the guys assigned to "helping" me) said that they were waiting to hear back from my insurance on additional damages they found once they took it all apart. So comes to find out that is a common thing with them also it buys them more time. So i called my insurance to kinda get things moving and they said that they had nothing for them on any additional damages. My claims guy said to give them his number and to have them call him and he would approve it and get things going. So i call back and give Ben his number he said he would take care of it. I called back two days later and still my insurance had not heard from them. My claims guy ended up calling them and figuring it out. At that point my car had sat at their shop for two weeks with no repairs. So i called back monday and Ben said that they had ordered the additional parts theyd be in Wednesday. So i called back Wednesday they said the parts came in and should start that day. I knew at that point i wasnt getting my car back in the three weeks they said but hoped at least id get it back in a month. Long story trying to be shorter i called every three days to check on my car, week five he calls me and tells me for some reason my car isnt starting now. He says someone had been working on it for the last 5 hours and cant figure it out. Why they wasted 5 hours and didnt just call Subaru to figure it out or hook it up to a code reader that would have just told them i have no idea. I was going on a road trip and needed my car by the end of the sixth week and since it wasnt starting he didnt think it was going to happen.I had let them know week three i needed it by that date. I was starting to feel like i was working there, calling around to all the different places trying to just get my car back. So i called Subaru got them to look at the car, they figured it out and took care of it in less than two hours. After that more excuses from Ben on why they wouldnt have it done. The day that i was leaving i called them at 8am and told them i would be there at 5 for my car and i would wait in the lobby until it was ready. I sat in the lobby for 50 min waiting for my car while they kept telling me 15 more min they were still cleaning it. When i finally got it i noticed a new dent on the back and the tail light was cracked. I showed Ben and he was like oh yeah i see that. I was like well i guess ill call you to figure out how it was going to get fixed when i get back. So i called when i got back and they told me i was going to be working with Aaron now cause Ben had been moved to another position. Probably a good idea because Ben gave me the worst customer service ive ever experienced. I called three times trying to get a hold of Aaron he is a manager so i thought things would be different. Finally on my fourth call, which he NEVER returned my calls, i got him. He was very nice and said he wanted to make things right. So he told me to bring my car in Tuesday morning and theyd give me a ride home, it would take four hours and it would all be fixed. Tuesday around 4 i hadnt heard from them so i call and Aaron tells me he got two out of the three things done and needs to keep it overnight. If it was my business and i was trying to make things right i would have it as a priority. I own my own business and i told him that i had to leave my house at 8:45 no later to be at a client appointment. He said that he promised it would be back to me by then. From past experience i should have learned my lesson on them coming through on what they say, but i was like he is a manager there is no way he is going to not follow through. Well 8:10 rolls around the next morning and i call to make sure that they are on there way the guy tells me Aaron isnt in yet and they are running behind and wont be done for like 45 min. As you can assume i was mad. They ended up bringing it to me at 9:50 over a hour after he promised me it would be there. Which meant that i had to reschedule me entire day and missed out on the money i would have made the hour i was sitting there waiting for my car. What did Aaron have to say you ask.. oh he was really sorry. did he bring the car to my himself and apologize in person? nope. was my car finally fixed fully? nope there is still a chip where the dent use to be. If i ran my business like these people i would be embarrassed. Through this experience and talking to my clients i have found four other people who have had VERY similar stories. Lots of excuses and lies and taking WAY too long to fix their car. They tell people they have time but they dont. Ive worked in customer service all my life and i have learned if you tell people what is going on and own things that happen people are a lot more understanding. If they would have communicated with me that they had messed up and were busier than they realized and it was going to be longer then they told me i would have understood. I spent hours on the phone being the in-between person which isnt my job. To be honest this is one of the worst things ive ever experienced and if i got anything out of this it is to drive safer so that i dont EVER have to chance going through this again. I tell everyone i know not to use them and ask that they let everyone they know not to go there either. I wouldnt wish this on my worst enemy.. sorry this was so long but i wanted to show as many examples i could to back up my bad review. If you need more i have them:) thanks have a great day!


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