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Vehicle Make : Honda
Nakisha K..
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I had an accident on 12/21/15 and brought my vehicle to Balise Collision for repair on 12/22/16, I was notified the vehicle was ready and picked it up on ****/8/16. Because the car was repaired so quickly I asked if they made sure the accident did not cause any damage to the mechanics of the car because based on the invoice all the repairs made were to the body of the vehicle, and was told the car was inspected and there was no major damage, all the damage was to the body. Once I started driving the vehicle the steering wheel started shaking and there is a vibration coming the front right side of the vehicle along with air being felt and heard inside the car also from the same side. I contacted the repair shop on ****/12/16 and they determined the front right axle needed to be replaced and the right front passenger door needed to be adjusted and they would order the parts and call me to bring the vehicle in. I was contacted on ****/27/16 to bring the vehicle in for the repairs. Balise contacted me on ****/28/16 and said the vehicle was all set. I picked up the vehicle. The shaking seemed to a bit better and there was still air coming in from the same side of the car. I contacted Balise Collision again to inform the problem still existed, and was told they put a brand new axle in the car and was not sure where the shaking was coming from, and also said they test drove the car and no air was coming in, but that I could bring it back for them to take a look at it again. As I drove the car a few more weeks the shaking and air noise got worse. I decided to take the vehicle to another mechanic for a second opinion since I was getting the run around at Balise Collision. On 3/3/16 Balise Honda inspected my vehicle and found the shaking was being caused by the right front axle and advised to have it replaced. I had to pay $100.00 for this diagnosis. Balise Collision claimed they replaced the axle but obviously did not. I then contacted Balise Collision and informed them what Balise Honda found. Balise Collision told me they would order another axle and would call me when it came in. I refuted and informed them that I did not feel safe driving my vehicle in the condition it was in and would need substitute transportation. Balise Collision then supplied me with a rental car on 3/4/16. On 3/30/16 Balise Collision contacted me informed me the part still had not come in and was on back order from the manufacturer, and they did not want to keep paying for my substitute transportation. They asked me to come and pick up my vehicle, claiming it is safe to drive and they would call me when the part came in. I do not feel the car is safe to drive, there is now a great amount of shaking in the steering wheel especially when I am driving 40 plus mph. Not to mention there is a risk of causing further damage to the vehicle if I continue to drive it in this condition. I feel Balise Collission provide me with substitute transportation until my vehicle is repaired. The worst experience I've ever had with a repair shop!!!! I would advise anyone to look elsewhere if you want your vehicle fixed!! :(


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