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Top Tips for Car Security

If you’ve ever been the victim of an automobile break-in, you know how awful it feels. Not only has someone stolen items that may be of value to you—they’ve damaged your car in the process, and they’ve violated your personal space.

Follow these pieces of simple advice to minimize the chances you become the victim of a car break-in.

Park in a Well-lit Area

Cars parked on a dark, quiet street make for easy targets. Avoid parking behind obstructions if possible, such as walls, hedges, or larger cars.

Instead try parking under a street light and/or in a crowded area with a good amount of pedestrian or automobile traffic. It’s not only safer for your car, but safer for you!

Lock Your Doors, Close Your Windows, Etc.

The simple stuff.

If your car doesn’t auto-lock, you’ll need to make it a habit to push that button. It’s amazing how many people unknowingly leave their cars unlocked, only to return an hour later, perplexed by missing items but no sign of forced entry.

Don’t forget the windows (and that includes the sunroof!). It may be tempting to leave them down on a hot day, but even a slightly cracked window presents an easier opportunity for a quick break-in.

Have a car alarm or a Club? Be sure to use them!

Never Leave Valuables in Plain Sight

This goes without saying, right? Then why do we still do it?

We often hear, “It was daytime!” or “I was parked on a busy street!” (Our colleagues in the glass business probably hear this even more.) Most car break-ins are crimes of opportunity—to make it worth the risk, would-be thieves usually look for rewards in plain sight. In the seconds it takes to check your door to see if it’s unlocked (often they aren’t), or to smash and grab your tablet, you might not even have gotten to the front of the line at Starbucks.

Just take your sunglasses, iPhone, and gold-plated fidget spinner inside with you. If you absolutely must leave valuables, take the time to put them in your trunk, out of sight.

Like this content? Let us know! Atlas Body Shop works hard to provide relevant information to automotive consumers in the San Antonio, TX area.

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