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PROCEED WITH CAUTION While I cannot argue with the apparent quality of craftsmanship of the repairs themselves, I am here to provide advice on the utter lack of customer service, communication, untimely work and misrepresentation of the repair process. Your insurance carrier will likely direct you to this repair facility as part of their preferred provider network, though you still have the right to utilize any repair facility you wish. Colorado requires that all repair facilities must provide you with a written estimate and they must obtain your written consent to authorize repairs unless you have chosen to waive this. Gerber will contact you and provide you with a packet of documents that are “required to obtain an estimate”. READ EVERYTHING. Gerber will provide you standard paperwork under the Motor Vehicle Repair Act relating to your rights to a written estimate; however they will also slip in a “Customer Authorization & Power of Attorney” in with the packet. The signing of which will basically remove any further consent you have to provide and the shop will begin repairs without even consulting you due to their “relationship” with your insurance carrier that allows them to be immediately paid. If you try to still take your vehicle to a shop of your choice, they will quote you some astronomical figure over $****,000 to have your vehicle returned to you. You’ve now been pigeon-holed into using their services. Gerber’s paperwork will also you promise you extensive communication related to the status of your vehicle at a MINIMUM of twice a week, just elect whether you prefer email or phone and when you would prefer this communication. Choose whatever you want as it really doesn’t matter, they will only communicate with you when they feel like it or if you happen to call on your own. Their estimators will even volunteer that Thursday afternoons is their follow-up time; their ONLY follow-up time, if you’re that fortunate. They’ll promise your vehicle will be completed on a given Friday and tell you the Thursday afternoon immediately preceding it that they are completely on track. You will never hear from them Friday to arrange pickup. No calls, no emails, if you happen to reach someone there they will advise you that someone was supposed to call you Thursday to let you know it wouldn’t be ready. Unfortunately, they did call you Thursday to let you know it absolutely will be ready. This will happen multiple times. Never once will you receive an update directly from them. Eventually you will speak to the manager and they will guarantee your vehicle will be ready in the next 24 hours, but it will be at least another couple days. Then when they finally actually have it “ready” you’ll be given a time and be forced to sit in their lobby for at least another hour waiting while they finish cleaning it. Despite all this, you can contact their national customer care center who also will never even review or respond to your concerns. Save your time, money and 4 weeks of headaches and go somewhere else.


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