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3 out of 5
Since Geico paid the bill, and I just picked up my truck today, I can be as honest as possible here. My first taste of who Porterfield's is came from the office manager Annette Cooper, who, both on the phone and in person, was a condescending and snippy pimple of a person who managed to stir my temper in 10 seconds...First impressions, right? Today of course, when I'm handing her the check, she was a pocketful of sunshine. *Who knows? Maybe I met her on a really bad day. The Jeep was hit hard on the passenger-side quarter, and the whole front clip was twisted. Porterfields replaced a few pieces, aligned the frame, and re-painted the front clip to the tune of $3700+, including my $500 deductible which I paid in cash. I won't complain about the fact that the 10-day estimate turned into 17 days. After all, you can't rush perfection, right? But that's where this gets a bit sticky, because what I got was far from perfect. First and foremost: The paint job is beautifully matched and blended. She is once again the prettiest truck on the block in that regard...from a distance. The swirls and smears are likely the fault of the detailer, but I won't know for sure for a few days when I can wash it. Second: The hood doesn't sit right. This may be adjustable, and a few tweaks may set it right, but as soon as I walked to the driveway it stood out. Third: The angles in the front end are wrong. There's a slight misalignment that I haven't pin-pointed as yet, which makes the front look like it's not quite bolted together properly. Fourth: I filled the tank the same day that it was hit, and I got it back with half a tank. By contrast, I burn a half-tank a week running to work & back. Road testing aside (for body work?), I think someone was using my truck for the daily coffee and lunch runs. I get just over 300 miles to a tank fill, and that's one heck of a road test. Again, this is an initial 'first impression' review based on less than 8 hours with my newly-repaired vehicle. Should further details arise that cause my simple displeasure to darken, such as the hood & alignment issues or the paint swirls won't come out, that will of course create a complaint for Geico to help with.


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