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Vehicle Make : Lexus
Mike C..
1 out of 5
HORRIBLE!!! Drips in paint, severe swirls EVERYWHERE, panels don't line up right, used replacement headlights that don't match each other, missing parts that were paid for but not on the car, over spray, and then to back it up the center MANAGER, ***BYRON MITCHAMORE*** argued that everything was fine and that this **** work was up to par with industry standards! WTF! it looked like I took my Lexus to a back alley body shop. All that was needed was a new bumper, grill and headlights, and the hood repainted. This is a very easy and SIMPLE repair and they managed to ROYALLY *^&% it up. Luckily Sean Reyna from Caliber and Charlie Witthoft were extremely understanding and acknowledged everything that was messed up and they were embarrassed but they fixed everything. I live 3 hours away and so every time I had to go back there over and over it basically took up my entire day (6 plus hours total) just to deal with this crap.


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