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Vehicle Make : Honda
Amit A..
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Customer service & satisfaction is really horrible at Southboro auto body. Look like need to very careful before signing any paper with them. I left the CAR on 26th, I got CAR back exactly after **** month for 11 days work. Even for test drive they did not believe me they kept my ID card so that I will not run away with $200 repair cost that I suppose to pay. Even though after repair CAR having noise & they charge me to fix the exhaust (saying it is not paid by insurance). When we left our CAR with them, I did not ask any security why they ask my ID card now. Finally after 2 days I observe there paint has gone away from some part as well as trunk lock is not working & water getting accumulated in rain at lower part of trunk (that I observed later on). When I contacted them they are saying because you sign total loss paper so we are free to use that money & we are not going to replace it. Below is his response:- To whom this may concern; Per conversation with Mr. XXXX, he signed a waiver/settlement condition to his repairs; which this vehicle was considered a total loss and we agreed to fix this car with no supplement. Mr. **** requested for other repair such as rust repairs to be fixed to his vehicle and many other betterments that were not related to his loss. By agreeing to the repairs he agreed for parts to be repaired and not replaced, and we have discussed with Mr. **** and his aware. He came in to the shop and we have already had this discussion. Now you sent us an email, with All State CC on the email. Mr.XXXX you wrote this e-mail like we have not discuss with you, you are more them welcome to all me or come to the shop to review, and I'll be happy to explain it all to you for the third time. Even though if I agree things should work but lock is not working. As well as why they charge me for exhaust. It was due to accident only. It was not creating noise before that. My response :- 1st :- I think I ask some different question. What time I can come, Replacement CAR as well as time require to fix the defect 4nd :- I am not sure why we are hesitating in responding in my request. Again summarizing my request here: - Appointment date, time to fix the issue & this is defect in your work so you should provide me replacement CAR for that time. I am not complaining what you charge to insurance & what you putted in my CAR. My issue is there is defect in your work & you should fix it. And you should not ask me to sign any additional paper. Let me know if you fine to fix my defect without signing any additional paper. Date & time to repair the issue. I appreciate if you response as earliest for customer satisfaction. Thanks Between my 2nd & 4th email they did not responded. Now he is asking you sign me the agreement that you will not post any bad review for me then only I will fix the defect. Again I ask the same question over email “Hi, Here I like to add one more thing, I will not sign any disclosure as you ask me yesterday.” And they are even not agree to give any replacement CAR to fix there defect. Finally I stop by them after cancelling all my appointment in that week, because I was not getting renter CAR then he say why I should repaint your trunk if you write bad review for me. I will not paint if you will not sign paper stating that “you will not post bad review”. I will take the letter form insurance company. This is simple “defect in his job”. He did not want to fix it because I may right bad review. I believe I cannot trust them anymore. He always tries to divert the thing by saying you are trying to get the things that we are not paid. While I simply asking to fix his defect. Also like to mention when I was talking to him this person was sitting on table & I was standing, look like general courtesy for customer is also missing there.


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