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Vehicle Make : Mazda
Mandy G..
1 out of 5
This place was awful! I chose them because they were on the State Farm approved list but even our claims agent is trying to get them removed. I brought the car in for an estimate for minor nose damage. They said they would order the parts and scheduled a drop off for 2 ****/2 weeks later. They scheduled an appointment for drop off at 7:30 am. I arrived at 7:25 to find that they weren't supposed to open until 7:30. Then, I stood outside for 15 minutes until they finally unlocked the door at 7:40. I was told (again) that the repairs should take 2-3 days and that I would receive updates. Received a text message that afternoon saying the car would be ready 5pm Friday. Every day, another message saying repairs were going well, on schedule for Friday 5pm. Friday morning, another message saying the car should be ready on schedule, but they would call me if there were any delays. I called them after 4pm to verify before going to pick up the car, and I was told that the parts still hadn't arrived, it would be sometime the next week. Tried Friday, Monday, and Tuesday and no one was able to give me an estimated completion date. State Farm claims agent tried repeatedly and never could talk with a manager. Neither of us ever had a call returned. Finally, got through about 3pm and was told the car was finished, they were just washing it. They said they would call us back in about 45 minutes. Of course they never called. We showed up about 4:30 and I was told it was ready, they just had to finish drying it. About 5pm they came out and told me that it still needed to be pinstriped and their guy was gone for the day. James said he could run it over to their other location and have it back before they closed at 6pm. So, I returned at 5 minutes before 6pm. Receptionist called James and he said he was back and would bring the car around. 30 minutes later he finally pulled in. We looked over the car and everything looked good except noticed several clips missing on the wheel well (sheet metal obviously hanging loose). He fixed those, but later I realized that the headlights they installed don't match. The new one is not as bright as the old one. I can live with it but for the thousands State Farm paid and my $500 deductible, they did a pathetic job. That's when it went from bad to worse. Their credit card machine apparently wasn't working right. After 15 minutes they couldn't get it to work and said if I didn't have another form of payment I would have to leave my car there and come back the next day. I'm sorry, but I don't usually carry around $500 cash, and after all of this I had no intention of leaving without my car! Finally, they sent me over to the Autonation Chevy Service center to run my card there. Apparently that happens a lot?? The people there were very nice, and when I asked about sharing my concerns with the management of the collision center, it was obvious that they had heard many such issues. Finally, about 7:30pm I was able to pay my deductible and I hoped it would be over. Of course that would be too easy. A week later I found that my credit card had been charged $500 multiple times. I am still trying to get the extra charges reversed. The repair took 3 times as long as they quoted and was done poorly. The few communications we had were complete lies. Customer service was horrendous throughout. In most other business transactions, if a customer was treated like this, some type of compensation would be warranted. Not only did they receive the full payment quoted from my insurance company, they charged my credit card multiple times for the deductible!


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