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Vehicle Make : Ford
Victoria M..
1 out of 5
I wanted to like this place - but I had serious issues here and have been treated badly. THEY CAUSED SEPERATE DAMAGE TO MY CAR AND ARE REUSING TO COVER THE DAMAGE THEY DIECTLY CAUSED I had damage in the back of my vehicle and the driver door sensor was reading as open when the door was closed. The insurance company included this on the paperwork to be checked. I also pointed this out to them when I dropped the car off. This was not checked at all. The door still had a problem when I went to pick the car up. I immediately pointed it out to them. They tried to say it wasn't on the paperwork. Asked them to check - because it was on the paperwork, and I told them about it. They admitted that they didn't check it at all. Came out to the parking lot and tried to fix it. I rolled down my window so the guys could see the alert notification. They tried to fix it with WD40 and some screwdrivers. They kept checking the lock, and different parts of the door and thought they had it fixed.  I went to roll up my window and the window would not go up at all. So they try taking apart the window switch and wiggling the door wires. This does not fix it. They ask me to park it inside my garage for the night - I do not have a garage and need to go to work. They offered me collision plastic to cover it, but admit that it can easily be cut and isn't safe to leave on if I had to park the car outside. I tell them that the window has to be fixed. I tell them they need to at least park the car in the shop for the night until the window can be put up and they agree. He says he will look at the car in the morning (Saturday) or Monday. The next morning he calls me. The window is still broken but they got it to roll up, I can come get the car for the weekend. When I pick up the car, he tells me that if I roll the window down by accident to just bang the side of the switch, sometimes that will make it go up. He tries to tell me that the insurance company will not fix the door or window. I tell him that the door is one issue but the window needs to get fixed. Door was all on my insurance estimate, window broke there. He will check and let me know on Monday.   Monday morning they call me and tell me insurance is not paying for the door or window. Ok - I will take up the door with the insurance company, but they need to fix the window. They refuse. I explain that the door was broken since the accident, but that the window only broke when they were messing with the door. He refuses to fix the window. He tries to tell me that I rolled down my window, so I broke it. When they were looking at my car 3 different guys from the shop and a woman (their wife?) were all standing there, the window worked before they tried to do anything and they saw that.  The window absolutely broke because they were messing with the door. IT WAS A FRIDAY AFTERNOON AND THEY TRIED TO RUSH THROUGH IT IN THE PARKING LOT INSTEAD OF TAKING THE CAR BACK INTO THE SHOP TO CHECK IT PROPERLY. I asked him - would you accept what your telling me if you were in my position? and he still refused. I am now going to have to pay for a costly repair on my own, and try to fight them to recover the money. Additionally after all this the door isn't even fixed - they actually made it worse. What was a sporadic problem is now constant, and the sensors even go off while the vehicle is driving. I also had a bunch of small issues which were corrected, but I had to ask them several times to check them. Literally walked in and out of the shop 6 or 7 times. My trunk (it's a big flat piece of interior since my car is an suv) was not attached at all and would slide around - after checking it they realized they put the spare tire in upside down, and so the pieces didn't line up. They tried to tell me it was fine, but it would move around and slip a lot and I had to ask them to check it twice before they realized the problem and flipped the tire. Then man then tightened the spare tire so tight that it could not be removed. At home, I had 3 guys try to turn it, and none of them could get it. It took someone with a mallet hitting the screw-in piece to finally loosen it. If I had gotten a flat before noticing this I would have been stranded. Also there was a minor scratch on my door handle, unrelated to the accident and not included in my repairs. They covered it with opaque, rough white material. (Don't know what it was, but it reminded me of spackle). Was not painted to match the car at all, was not smoothed out or anything. Was just a large rough white smear on the handle. When I questioned them about it I was told "Someone was supposed to touch that up but I guess helen keller must have done it". They agreed to wipe off, but some is still on the door and they would have left it like it was if I point it out. Poor job, now a huge frustrating headache. THEY KNOW THEY MISSED THE DOOR, RUSHED TRYING TO FIX IT AND BROKE MY WINDOW AND WON'T DO ANYTHING. Avoid this place.


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