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Vehicle Make : Mazda
Jeff D..
1 out of 5
This review is for the body shop only. cliff notes: awful body shop, avoid at all costs!! I was rear ended and their insurance had Faulkner's body shop on their list of recommended shops. Getting in for the estimate was fine, but I had a feeling it was going to require more work than they wrote in the initial estimate based upon the damages, but they didn't spend much time looking at the damage. Took almost 3 weeks to get in and it was supposed to be a one day turn around... it wasn't. There were additional parts damaged they needed to replace, but they had to order them and instead of getting my car back in **** day, it took almost a week. I go to pick up my car, and the paint on the new bumper looks good. The other trim pieces look awful. There's huge gapping on the bumper cover and a factory tow hook cover they just didn't replace and was damaged. They tell me they'll order new parts and call me when they're in. They never call. I go on vacation, still don't hear from them. I call them when I get back, the parts are in, they tell me it should take 30 minutes, tops, to put them on. Lies. I spent **** hr 20 minutes in their waiting room and guess what? There's still gapping. The body shop guy tells me that's just how it is because they're held on with double sided tape. My brand new car didn't have gaps there before, but it just proved to me how incompetent their body shop is. I don't have time to waste right now and I'm 99% sure if they redid it again, it would be just as bad. This is truly an awful body shop, and no one should ever go here. I plan on contacting the insurance company who paid for everything and letting them know how awful they are. Maybe I can go to a better shop and get my car fixed correctly. I could go on even longer about more issues, but hopefully you get the idea.. stay away! cliff notes: awful body shop, avoid at all costs!!


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