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Vehicle Make : Toyota
Ally M..
5 out of 5
AMAZING PEOPLE WHO BACK UP EVEN MORE AMAZING WORK!!! I came in late November/early December with heavy front end damage because I stupidly rear ended someone ONE MONTH before my leased car was due back at the dealership. Not only was there cosmetic damage but my frame got bent out of shape and the repair guys literally were going to have to take it completely apart and then put humpty dumpty back together again. So there I was, a broke, single mom who just did thousands of dollars of damage on a car that wasn't technically mine and the dealership needed it back in less than 30 days. Yeahhhhh not my finest hour. So I take it into Langfords for an estimate thinking, "Here we go, I don't know a ton about cars so I'm probably going to get screwed. But I don't have time to price shop between collision centers nor do I have the time to wait for what WAS my preferred mechanic." Thank everything that is holy that I was at least smart enough to take my car here. THEY ARE INCREDIBLE. Not only did they listen to my sob story that was my life then, but they genuinely wanted to help. After describing my timeline to Dustin, their estimator, he looks at me and basically says "Challenge Accepted!" I walked in their door in tears and left with the confidence that they not only could get this work done up to the dealership standards, but would get it done as fast as humanly possible. I come back to drop my car off with them on 12/5 (on my lunch break which they accommodated so I wouldn't have to adjust my work schedule) and they have the rental guy meet me there. It was seriously the most painless process I could have imagined. From there, I start the nail-biting wait time, hoping and praying that my car will be done by 12/23 so the dealership can have their leased car back. And wouldn't you know it, I get the call that it will be done on 12/23! I get the car picked up, it looks PERFECT! Seriously like-new. I take it straight to the dealership from Langfords and they had no idea there had ever been a scratch! Let alone over $4000 worth of damage. I was able to sell it back to them for no less than before the accident!! Talk about some QUALITY work!!! Not only are these people honest and hardworking, but they actually care what they put their name on. I will be coming here exclusively for all future work, no questions about it. And a big thank you to Rochelle for always being such a pleasure on the phone and to Dustin and Greg for being such patient, nice guys during my hour of need! Y'all are amazing and I can not believe how lucky I am to have stumbled into this amazing team of people. Seriously doesn't get much better!!! Thank you!!!!!


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