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Vehicle Make : Volkswagen
Kaelin B..
2 out of 5
We have taken my husband's car here twice and twice we have been disappointed. The first time the ordered the wrong rim twice and "couldn't figure out what rims we had on the car." I spent 5 minutes online and figured out exactly what rims they were.... Of course that was after we told them to not worry about the rim because the damage was just superficial and we didn't want to wait who knows how much longer before we got the car back. Second time we took the car here they gave us an estimate of when the car would be done. They ended up installing a headlight bracket wrong (you would think that would be pretty routine) so the car went way past the original day they said we would have it back. When they finally called my husband to tell him his car was fixed it was only mostly fixed and they would call us when they had the last part they needed to install. Then when we went to pick up the car after hours we noticed that they had the wrong bumper installed on the car!!! There's an opening for something on the front of the bumper that our car CLEARLY doesn't have... How do you make that mistake?!? All in all, we are NEVER taking another car here!!! I only gave a second star because even though they are completely incompetent they are still very nice people.
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Vehicle Make : Hyundai
1 out of 5
DO NOT GO HERE. My car was taken here and determined a total collision, though now I wish I had taken it somewhere else for that opinion. When I went to pick my car up the doors were locked, no windows or doors were broken, but my 500 disc CD holder, CDs from my window visor, car charger, and possibly other items were missing. I contacted the towing company and they spoke to their employees and after viewing cameras from their lot determined no one went into my vehicle while it was there. When tried to speak to a manager at Twin Ridge I was told "only old people who like country work here so no one would take yor CDs". I asked that the manager call me back (and had also left several messages) but was never contacted by the manager. When my boyfriend went to pick up my license plates several men looking to be in the 30s were hanging out listening to classic rock, refuting the "only old guys who listen to country" statement that had been relayed to me. The fact that the manager was unwilling to returns calls or attempt to look into this or care about theft that seemingly took place on his lot and seemingly was done by someone with a key makes this business seem entirely untrustworthy. I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and USAA about this issue in hopes no one else has the misfortune of ending up here.
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