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Brad B..
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My near-perfect, low mileage, all original 1997 Camaro convertible got biffed by a stinking, mud-covered deer on my way to work one morning. No serious damage, but the driver-side fender and the bumper cover were cracked, and the turn signal was knocked out of alignment. The hood was also slightly dented. Still quite driveable, and not even that noticeable unless you knew what to look for. Anyway, after doing the insurance company dance, I decided to let Bowser Collision Center repair the damage, as they are located in the same building as my insurance company (how convenient...). I figured that since they were a GM dealership bodyshop, they would be able to handle the repairs on a GM car... I was wrong. The initial "look-see" and estimate claimed that my car would be finished in 6 days. Nope - it took over two weeks to get it done. When I finally went to pick up my Camaro, the hood didn't line up with the bumper correctly, the grille and headlight insert were not painted correctly, and there is now overspray on some of the interior parts - that's right - they managed to get paint on the INSIDE of my car. Did they bother to maybe close the windows before blasting away with the spray gun? I guess not. When I questioned the shoddy hood alignment to the body shop boss (Don), his reply was "hey, we're not a restoration shop", meaning that they feel it's okay to do shoddy work, because they are a "get it done quick and make lots of money instead of doing the job right" kind of place. If you like your car, don't take it here.


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