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Vehicle Make : BMW
Louise C..
3 out of 5
I had a pleasant relationship with Keith at Koontz until after 3 weeks I was told to have my car towed to another shop as they had become swamped.Even though I need my car because of a disability I was hesitant Togo somewhere else until I spoke to the ' secretary' they employ.I was hollered over when I was trying to explain I needed the estimate and tried to tell her where it was.She reprimanded me as I was a naughty child with a very unpleasant tone and attitude that wasn't nessasary in the least.I don't know why she acted like I was lying as she wouldn't let me tell her where I saw it .I finally got out where I last saw it and she denied it without checking .Then there was a mis understanding that I was under the impression Koontz would pay for towing since they were at fault for not doing the repairs.She left me on hold for approximately 5 minutes .I really liked all the other people I came in contact with.But I can't vouch for their work as I was never repaired.


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