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Took my car to a shop for an estimate. The guy told me $2000 because they had to remove the front fender. I then took my car to roadside collision because they had a geico office inside. The fix was $1200. They DID NOT remove the fender to do the repair. The repair looked good & the color match on the paint was very good. 2 months later, while inside my car, I tried to open the door & the body moulding had come loose & crushed my fender back in. They used my old moulding & the new double stick tape failed but a piece of plastic crushed my fender in? Repair was not done right. Just pulled the dent out & filled dent & painted. I took it back to them & they agreed it was not my fault & they would repair it again. This time they got a new piece of moulding for my door AND removed the fender & got a new one, which is how it should have been done in the first place. After a week with my car I get a call to pick it up. My car has polishing compound all over the hood & fender where it was painted. Don't give the customer back a clean car? The parts guy TIM gives me my keys & I go home & wash my car. There's 3 spots of white paint on my hood, the biggest is the size of a quarter. Looks like the **** carelessly mixed the paint on my hood & the color match ****!!! Beyond ****!! Fix one thing, mess up another? TIM also told me he searched the Internet, eBay etc... For the SPORT & CHEROKEE stickers for the door but couldn't find them. After less than a minute I found the SPORT sticker & a CHEROKEE sticker for the door but it was for a 1999 jeep, mines a 1998. Forwarded info to the geico guy (Kris, who was awesome) & he forwarded it to TIM. Now I had to go back AGAIN for the paint removal from my hood & for the sticker installation. The Geico guy was outside trying to rub the paint off my car. It had to go into the shop to be buffed off. When they went to put stickers on they realized the door sticker was wrong so they didn't put it on. It was $50 on eBay. That's was a personal "**** you" to TIM who is a lazy, shiftless weasel in my opinion & who is not a stand up guy. When I went to leave, the weasel was nervously standing by my door but didn't even mention that the sticker was wrong. All in all I would never use them again, not even to fix my bicycle. The owner was also there each time I was there but he walks around with a mad look so you don't want to ask him anything. Maybe he's mad cause his staff ****? Don't go there. Save yourself a lot of wasted time & aggravation. Signed, blue jeep (door check) so u know exactly who I am


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