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Vehicle Make : Mazda
Helen J..
1 out of 5
I could sit here and vent and say how awful my experience with South Broadway Collision has been, but I feel like that won't be too productive, so I'll just list some facts and you can form an opinion for yourself. I hydroplaned off the interstate off the road in a Mazda, the collision was with a slab or concrete on the side of the road. It hit my driver side back tire while spinning out. Joe **** is the person I dealt with throughout this experience. When I finally got my car to South Broadway Collision on June 17th, they told me it'd be days before they could eveing look at the car. They had my car from June 17th to July 23 (37 days) and by that time insurance quit paying for rental vehicle to which I had to pay out of pocket and they refused to reimburse in any way. The reasons I was given for the delay was because, they did a brief visual inspection and order the parts off that after they started working on the car. They kept finding more damage after actually looking at it so then we had to wait as they ordered more parts, and then that happened again where they started working on the car and found more damage, and we had to wait an order more parts. Twice in that time they ordered the wrong parts and twice had to order parts again. They concluded they were replacing all four wheels tires and tire rod as well as the sensors that go with them. They also told me they were going to fix some damage paint. They told me several times that it was taking so long because they were going to do such a quality job with the highest satisfaction. When I got the car back you could tell that the wheels were shiny and new. The entire lower sides of my car looks like someone pelted them with rocks where I had spun through the gravel, and the paint was chipped and torn on both sides. After I asked them if this is something they did not fix because I was told they were fixing the paint, he told me that he thought it was pre existing damage because when he saw scratch on the top of my trunk that he thought the chip off paint on the sides were pre existing, I told him I didn't see how that was relevant and I wasn't asking him to fix the scratch on the trunk. When he started taking pictures for the insurance I asked them why he didn't take pictures before, he then told me that he never took pictures before because he never saw it... After just telling me that he saw it and thought it was previous damage. He also told me that passenger side damage wasn't something he considered because the collision took place on the driver side. I pointed out to him that previously when he told me the passenger side tires had to be replaced because they were so pelted with rocks and debris they weren't safe, if the paint on the passenger side was immune to being pelted with those same rocks. After I left he told me he was going to immediately take care of this and contact insurance. After I called insurance they told me that after I visited him in person he had never contacted them, and they could not get in touch with him, the last time he contacted them when I talk to him on the phone the information he gave them was so vague that they couldn't do anything with it. He finally told them that he still didn't think the chipped paint on the lower sides of my car was caused by the accident, now I'm waiting for for someone for my insurance to come look at my car. South Broadway Collision never followed up with me. Not only have I been dealing with my claims agent with insurance but I've been talking with the people from my insurance office it was told me that they have returned none of their calls. I have State Farm. The staff was extremely unprofessional even to go as far as to vent their personal issues at me, the receptionist were untrained in any way shape or form and unable to answer any questions, all they were able to do was go get someone else for me. And they did not accept debit cards, credit cards, or any other form of payment than cash or local checks. I'm not done dealing with them yet but as well something's rattling in my car and it squeaks as I move, I brought these concerns to them today. I'm going to take it to another mechanic for inspection and if it's something they mess up, I'm holding them accountable. My experience with South Broadway Collision was extremely unpleasant and unsavory and very frustrating, as well I was not eating not with the work in any way shape or form. My entire time talking to them I was very polite kind and understanding up until the last day, I expect the same courtesy to be returned.


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