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The Dangers Of Buying A Decommissioned Police Car

The Dangers Of Buying A Decommissioned Police Car

When used police cars come up for auction, it may seem like a great idea to pick one up for yourself. The price is usually right and police departments usually purchase quality vehicles. The mileage is probably pretty low. The unfortunate truth is that you may be inheriting a plethora of problems as well that can be very expensive to fix in a short period of time. Our partners at Service King North Hollywood here in North Hollywood, CA have some experience in dealing with these and have a few bits of knowledge to share.

When in service, most police vehicles are subject to some punishing conditions. If it was just rough driving conditions, that would be one thing, but what usually happens when in use is much worse for the car.

Most shifts consist of long periods of sitting and idling punctuated by fast acceleration and braking. While sitting, officers usually use the air conditioning systems in the summer and heater in the winter almost nonstop. The strain of handling a sitting passenger for hours a day takes its toll on the suspension as well, not to mention the seats. All of the buttons are used far more in a few months than a usual driver ever could in years of use. 

These conditions wreak havoc on a car. There is a reason that they are being decommissioned, after all. In a relatively short amount of time they are punished into retirement. On average they require far more mechanical and body attention than a normal vehicle. If the price is right and you can either perform repairs yourself or afford to have them done, it may not be the worst option. Still, you're probably better off spending just a bit more and getting a used car from a lot.

Written By: Todd Hendrickson

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