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Nikki H..
5 out of 5
Hannah, the truth of this matter is you have been taken care of on this. On 9/17/2015 you signed a release to my insurance company. I called and left you a message to call me and you did call back to say you would not remove your review so I am replying. You stated we did 4371.27 damages to your car. The insurance company valued your car at 2550.00. You took a settlement payment of 1722.00 and kept the car. Ronald Goss
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Vehicle Make : Pontiac
Hannah P..
1 out of 5
Horrible, just horrible shop, Caused $4,371.27 in damage to my car and refused to take responsibility… I had my car towed by Goss Auto Body’s towing service on July 31st, apparently the bottom hooks or whatever on it were rusted pretty bad (like on any 18 year old car in Wisconsin) and they guy who towed it as well as myself never looked under the car to see this and my car fell off their tow truck while they were pulling it up. My entire front bumper was scraped up and there now is a seven inch crack in the middle. My car not only fell off the tow truck but rolled past the hump on the parking lot edge and into some woods, my first question was if my car had crashed into any trees, he told me no but there would probably be some engine damage from the fall. Then he apologized admitted it was his fault and any damage would be fixed by the shop. Monday rolls around and I get a call from the owner himself asking if I've ever taken a look at how rusted the hooks on the bottom of my car were, first off why the would I look at that I'm not a tow truck driver or mechanic, I don’t spend my free time laying underneath my car with a **** flashlight. Then he goes on to say how it's not his responsibility to fix the damages caused by his employee because the guy who towed it did everything right. First off if he did everything right my car would not have fallen off your truck and your employee would not admit to being at fault! Second of all I'm a female in my 20’s why would I go under my car and examine it in the first place!!!! That's your job not mine. At this point I was so enraged with the owner's lack of responsibility that I just handed the phone to a friend of my to talk to him. Goss once again tried to explain how he didn’t understand how it could be his towing company's fault that it fell off of their truck, but then went on to explain that if we really wanted something done about it he would file a claim with his insurance. Mr. Goss refuses to fix or cover the damage done to my car and now I have to wait around and take time off of my work to deal with his insurance company. Then for the small service I did have done there... getting lug nuts replaced on one wheel he charged $200, the quality of that job was just **** because I have to take it in again to have the same job done since one is now lose and can't be tightened and now needs to be replaced. Thank you Goss Auto for the worst car service experience of my life!


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