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Vehicle Make : Toyota
Kimberly S..
2 out of 5
Not impressed. The front desk lady was super nice. I was 20 min late and apologized immediately, she said no problem and got me back to the lady who would help me with my claim. Clelia or something along those lines. The seat for customers was occupied by a pizza box and there was no attempt to move it, so I stood the whole time. Bottom line is I was late and she called my insurance to complain about me being late, and the result was the insurance company was going to send a field adjuster out instead of my estimate being done. She was argumentative and indignant and rude. I asked my agent why I would have a field adjuster and she explained to me there was no need for that, but would send me elsewhere, that they do not support rude businesses. I went back to Clelia, and I told her not to worry about it, that I'd called my insurance agent and she wouldn't be handling my business. As I was leaving, their manager who overheard my conversation was quite apologetic for his employee and kind, said that people make mistakes and he'd take care of it and would do anything to take care of me. I told him I appreciated it but I would be going else where after that (he and the front desk lady are the reason for two stars).. So clearly that one woman isn't quite interested in the customer service part of her job, maybe she was having a bad day, but regardless I don't think arguing with a customer about when they bring their vehicle in for repair is necessary. I was the only customer there so clearly business isn't popping so much that my tardiness impacted their operation negatively. And I didn't even get offered a piece of the pizza occupying my seat! ;)
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Vehicle Make : Nissan
Jacqueline F..
1 out of 5
Gerber Collision on Raeford Road had my car for over 3 months after it was wrecked while sitting in the driveway at my house. During that time, they would send me a text with a date that my Altima would be ready but when the time came, it was never ready. Finally, after three months, they contacted me saying that my car was ready. However, during that time one of my sisters suddenly passed away and therefore, I wasn't trying to deal with them right then since I had waited so long already. So, a week after my sister passing, I went to pick up my car. My car was in terrible condition. I could not believe what my eyes were seeing. There was mismatched parts put on my car, the driver door was not on correctly, bubbles were in the paint, and parts hanging out up under my car to name a few things. However, aside from that, the back seat of my car still had lots of glass in it from the wreck. I started pointing out all of the things that were wrong with my car and I refused to take it like that. I was extremely upset because they had already taken my $500 deductible and my car was a long way from being ready for me to take it. So, I left my car there that Wednesday and I called back on Friday to see if it was ready. I was told no because they had to order a part and it wouldn't be in until that Wednesday. When Wednesday came, I called to check the status of my car again and I was told that the part still didn't come in. Needless to say it was two additional weeks before my car was ready. However, they were so upset with me that they didn't even call and tell me that my car was ready. I had called State Farm to tell them what was going on and that was when they told them that my car was ready for me to pick it up. So once again I go to pick up my car and the door was still not on properly and I pointed it out again. Everyone that I dealt with except for Ms. Cathy had a bad attitude with me because I was not going to accept my car in an unsatisfactory manner. She was the only one who never acted unprofessional at all. Finally, I get my car and I'm riding down the road when I noticed that my cup holder in between my seats had not been cleaned and I could see small glass particles in it. Then I picked the whole thing up and found glass up under that too. Therefore, I had to turn around and take my car back there again for them to clean it out. The service that Gerber provided to me was horrible and I would never refer them to anybody not even my worst enemy. I don't ever want to see their shop again.


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