Body Shop

Real Reviews From Verified Customers

Peggy W.
Vehicle Make : Ford
5 out of 5
Job well done. Thanks for your help.
Jeffrey J.
Vehicle Make : Hyundai
4 out of 5
Will be ecstatic as soon as running lights are fixed and working
Marlene A.
Vehicle Make : Buick
5 out of 5
My car looks great and I meant to thank everyone . State Farm said Bakers was a great place to do body work on my car. Thank you again Marty Austrins
Gerald W.
Vehicle Make : Jeep
5 out of 5
Car looked hreat. It was done as scheduled. They went beyon expectations.
Karen C.
Vehicle Make : Toyota
5 out of 5
People at Bakers were great and my car looks brand new. I was recommended to them as well. Very satisfied.
Richard L.
Vehicle Make : Toyota
5 out of 5
Although my mother-in-law was anxious to get her car back, I know that quality auto repair takes time. And a nice job was done on the Prius
Elizabeth H.
Vehicle Make : Chevrolet
5 out of 5
Thanks so much! I very much appreciate your quickness and excellent work !
Stacy F.
Vehicle Make : Ford
5 out of 5
T Bird looks better than ever
Gloria C.
Vehicle Make : Ford
5 out of 5
My car looks like brand new! I can’t be more pleased with it. They even washed it for me! I will recommend them without hesitation to anyone.
William B.
Vehicle Make : Kia
5 out of 5
Keep up the good work
Christopher C.
Vehicle Make : Chrysler
2 out of 5
I called and inquired before authorizing service to be completed regarding any assistance with the pricing that I would have to pay after the insurance paid their portion. I spoke with Patrick. He eluded that he may be able to help and would have to wait until the estimates for repairs came in and that we could discuss at that point. Patrick never made any effort to contact me to discuss any options and when encountering him after the repairs were completed it was obvious he never had any intention of offering any assistance whatsoever. He was cold, crass and not one ounce of service type behavior. He was rude and even agreed that I had spoke with him and still acted like I was out of my mind to request such assistance evenhough he suggested it was up for discussion in our prior conversation. Nothing to help. additionally, I advised Patrick that according to the contract and the current verbiage that was written and it suggested that I would be responsible for any amount over $500 which to me suggested that anything under $500 they were going to work out so that I could be assisted with this financial burden. Again Patrick looked at me like I was an idiot , he spoke to me like I was uneducated and stupid and made no acknowledgment that is how that contract could be construed. When consulting an attorney, I’ve been made very aware that the verbiage was written incorrectly and poorly and that I have a case to dispute that $500. Additionally we may advertise to the public anyone also signing that contract in the past may also be entitled to their $500 back. Not once would he even at knowledge that maybe they made a mistake the way they presented the information. And that I was an idiot. No matter how good the service that you provide physically to my vehicle the personal relationship that you failed to establish and failed to follow through with will tarnish your reputation forever. My car is less than complete. I’m not sure what kind of business you run that gives a vehicle back that is not completed when you’re very aware that the insurance will cover all repairs that were done during The accident. Would you handle somebody a sandwich that was missing the bread if you were subway? How are you gonna hand back an incomplete project? To say it was the insurance’s fault Is passing blame instead of assuming responsibility like a professional. There’s more work to be done there more money to be made, and yet you opt to hand it back incomplete? What kind of businessman are you? I will say from this point my vehicle seems to be repaired quite efficiently, but The bad taste in my mouth through my connection with Patrick is the only thing I need to know that I do not want to do business with you again. And I will encourage anyone that I encounter to do the same. You know what they say, when you do something good for one customer they will tell one person maybe two, but when you have a bad experience you tell everyone. Sadly my experience was a bad one. And I think it will be bad for your business. In fact if I have a chance I will make it as bad as possible. You don’t treat customers the way that you did, you follow through with what you say and you understand when someone Misunderstands the wording in your contract instead of ridiculing them and making them feel stupid. Instead, you figure out where the misunderstanding was, you have compassion and you make sure that another customer doesn’t misunderstand again. The wording in your document is incorrect, and it may cost you. Had you handled it correctly, It may Have cost you as much as it will. Compassion and courtesy could spare you the embarrassment that pompous and above reproach will cause. I hope it was worth it to you to treat me in such a manner as you chose to. I hope you don’t treat anyone that way in the future. Customers pay your bills. Without them, you are just another door ready to close.
Mattie L.
Vehicle Make : Toyota
5 out of 5
Great job, well done!
Brady C.
Vehicle Make : Ford
5 out of 5
Patrick is a big ray of sunshine. I smile everyday thinking about how wonderful he is. He deserves a big raise.
Deborah G.
Vehicle Make : Buick
1 out of 5
I would have answered a resounding "yes" if not for the fact that I had to purchase gas before I went home. When I dropped off the car it had a full tank of gas and when I picked the car up I noticed 1500 miles had been put on the odometer. I fail to understand why this would have been necessary.
Tammy T.
Vehicle Make : Ford
1 out of 5
Replacement cap did not match the original smooth texture but was told will fix itself?
Diane L.
Vehicle Make : Jeep
5 out of 5
Professional and courteous, work looks great, no hassle. Thank you
Margaret S.
Vehicle Make : Kia
5 out of 5
Great job thanks
Dawn J.
Vehicle Make : Cadillac
5 out of 5
Car looked better than new. Excellent job.
Donald G.
Vehicle Make : Honda
5 out of 5
Great Job This is my second time at ****'s will recommend you too my friends
Janice W.
Vehicle Make : Ford
5 out of 5
Job well done!


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