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Urban Tales About Our Cars

 VMS Auto Body Collision  People love to tell fun, wild stories to their friends and sometimes they involve cars. At VMS Auto Body Collision , located in 1101 N Azusa Ave Ste B3, Covina CA, we have heard just about every urban tale about automobiles that's out there, so here is our very own list of some of the most widely believed ones.

Low Fuel dangers
1.) Driving low on gas will damage your engine.

FALSE. Some people think that all of the grit, gunk and other offending garbage that gets sucked into your engine causes all sorts of mayhem, but that is completely bogus. Your tank sucks up the fuel from the bottom of the tank and your fuel filter should certainly prevent all of the residue from getting in there or at least breaking it down to very small particles that won't affect your engine.

2.) The color of your car affects your insurance premiums.

FALSE. I met a guy one time that swore that he was paying more car insurance because he had a red Honda and I told him he was crazy. Insurance companies don't care one iota about the color of your car. Instead, they look at things like your claims history, driving history, age and gender as well as your street address, the type of vehicle you drive and whether the car is used for business or personal use. If you drive a more expensive vehicle, of course, you will have to pay more. But, whether your vehicle is red, green or even a bright pink, insurance companies don't give a hoot about the color of your car.

No mobiles at gas stations
3.) Mobile phones can cause explosions at gas stations.

PROBABLY FALSE. This one depends on who you talk to. The majority of all service stations in the United States prohibit the use of mobile phones on their property. You have likely seen large signs that tell customers to refrain from using their cell phones while filling up, but it does not seem to work because I see people yacking away or texting anyway. They say mobile phones and gas don't mix, because allegedly radio wave frequencies can cause a spark. But the mobile phone industry disagrees strongly and no one has ever reported an explosive at a gas station caused by a cell phone. So, it's your call--literally.

So, if you live in Covina, CA or anywhere else in the world, don't believe (or disbelieve) everything you hear or see on TV. With Google and other search engines, if someone gives you potentially sketchy information about your vehicle, check it out online. Because knowledge is king, but bad information is well, just--perplexing.

Sources: CNN, Huffington Post and Yahoo

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