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Vehicle Make : Saturn
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I sent my car there after I was cut off by a tractor trailer and went airborne. I told the person in charge of checking my car to make sure that they evaluated the underneath because there is damage and my Geico adjuster didn't have access to a lift to check under the car. Thompson called me 2 weeks after the accident (they had the car for 10 days) today my car is ready and they are putting the tires on now. They call my dad (not me) to let him know they just saw a ton of damage underneath and the car is probably totaled. I called and asked how that happened because the man in charge of my car was told twice to look underneath and they couldn't give an explanation. I went there the next business day to get my tags and personal items out of the car and almost all of the damage was still there (4 busted tires and rims and a broken mirror) and only fixed the dent from where the truck hit the car. They were already paid for the damages from the insurance company and planned to keep the money. I took pictures of the car still damaged and sent them to the other insurance company and they stopped payment on the check. That same day I asked if they would be charging a storage fee because it was their mistake. The manager said no and that the reason the underneath wasn't checked before any repairs were done is because they check, fix and get paid for the outside stuff then check underneath and couldn't explain the logic in that. Finally the adjuster from the insurance company went there to confirm that the car was totaled and found out that they added a ridiculous amount in storage fees because they weren't allowed to fraudulently keep the money for the repairs not done. Myself and the insurance adjuster were treated very rudely once they realized they messed up and couldn't keep the money. I will NEVER use or recommend Thompson to anyone and will make sure I share my horrible, unfair experience with everyone that I can! Just a side note I found out that this is the same place that dropped my father's car off of the lift while it was 10 feet in the air.


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