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My experience in the Fall while having my automobile repaired at this facility was of the poorest nature possible. My car was being repaired here because it was an approved and guaranteed shop by my insurance company. The workmanship was sub-par, and when I tried to discuss this with the Manager Mike Dotsie, I was verbally and physically assaulted. I was told upon my questioning the work (which he chose not to verify before speaking to me the way he did) that I would not be taking my car back until the bill was paid in full. This was at the same time as well that he began reaching for the keys in my hand telling me over and over to give them to him. Despite appearance by clothing (it's almost winter here), I have FSH Muscular Dystrophy, and handed over the keys to this Manager because I felt physically threatened by his approach and verbal tone. Mike Dotsie pulled my car into his garage still demanding payment in full! His shop, being approved by my insurance company, is only entitled to the deductible from me, as the remainder of the bill is taken care of between his shop and my insurance company. That is an agreement that the shop and insurance have togeather, and what Mike Dotsie tried to pull was extortion! He chose to ignore what I was telling him and stand his ground based on his assumptions that I was "a crook, a thief, and a liar; who was trying to rip him off". All of his language and aggressive mannerism he felt was appropriate to let loose in front of my mother as well, who was with me at the time. I had to immediately get my insurance representative on the phone, who spoke directly with Mike Dotsie, to remind him of his obligations to his business and thus to me in my entitlement to my car back. I paid my deductible, but received not even a single apology from either Mike Dotsie, or the owner Leo Caron who witnessed this whole event unfold and made no attempt at any point to stop this Manager from his actions! Having treated me the way this shop did, Mike Dotsie in particular, base on his own assumptions which were proven at the time to be wrong (but represent the shop); Who and how many others would this Manager be willing to accost and threaten based on what is not known to him or any paranoia he and his shop have? Would he have acted this way if I was elderly or in a wheelchair?! Nevertheless, I still stood to suffer the same from his potential and perhaps very promising aggressive attitude in simply a customer trying to discuss his concerns about this shops work! I certainly won’t ever be going here again for repairs and I advise others to be weary of the morals and business ethics that this shop clearly displays. This is the worst kind of business out there!!


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