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Wesll once again Skillman can twist the facts.. Before you go accusing and making assumptions make sure you have the facts. I know my facts are correct. It's all in black and white and on paper.The problem is the person who told our insurance company the car was fixed and better than show room that is just so far fetched. Well explain this then why have we been pulled over by the police twice now because the car pulls so hard right. We were told to get the issue fixed before we get tickted. Well its kind of hard to do that when you wouldn't honor your own life tihis me warranty. The issue started at this shop and it needs to be resolved at this shop we are all human and can make mistakes and miss things. But this mistake should have been dealt with the 2nd time we brought the vehicle to your shop. To this day its not correct and this vehicle is used mainly to take a cancer patient to and from their Dr's visits. I know one thing if I did the work and messed it up I can guarantee you I would fix it. In my 10 yrs plus of mechanics I have never seen anything so crazy where you have to fight to get something fixed back to ithe way it was before it was sent to the shop. Not only to mention the people involved won't take phone calls or return calls they like to do things behind your back . But hey since this has been going on since April of 2015 and you were paid for the work you did and the car still isn't right and it's in black and white from the quote to the alignment sheets. Better than show room quality that tells me if were purchasing cars from dealers we as consumers are really being taken advantage of if the shops are doing better work than our car manufactures.


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