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Vehicle Make : Audi
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1 out of 5
This shop is **** bs. All the good reviews in this shop is all bs. Car got in small front end collision. Pick this shop because I got fooled by all good comments. Took them a month to get my car back together then when I got it back . It wasn't even finish hood and bumper is full of swirls. My hood wasn't align and my door is hitting the fender causing the paint to chip, my headlight wasn't done correctly and every time I turn my steering wheel it makes a growling noise and my ac doesn't work. So I took it back again told them to fix it. So they offer me a loaner car. The car has no gas as soon as I pulled out their lot the gas light turned on and smells like weed and even have weed roaches in the ash tray. Then the car broke down on me on the side of the freeway. I had to call and bug my pregnant gf to give me a jump in the side of the freeway(**** dangerous as ****) then it died again 3 blocks away from my house. I dint have any other choice but to push the **** loaner they gave me with my pregnant gf(**** embarrassing) couldn't call them cause they close already so I had to wait couple of days till I got them to tow the loaner car. They pick up the loaner car and fix it before they fix my car. All josh can say is I'm sorry I'm sorry . Apologizing won't fix my car. It took them another month to figure out what's wrong with my a/c. They had to bring it to an "Audi dealer" to get help. Now they saying that the accident didn't cause my a/c to fail. First of all josh documented that my a/c works when we first check the car before it got repaired. Now they have to go through my insurance to get more money to repair the a/c which is bs. It's been 2 long months that my car is there. I'm still driving their **** loaner car. All the inconvenience they cause me all they do is nothing. I would not recommend anyone to go to this shop. but if u like to get **** over then be my guess!!!!!BEWARE OF ALL THE BS YELP REVIEWS. Hopefully the owner Patrick horn get to read this review because it seems like he don't know what's going on in his own shop. If u Patrick horn is reading pls pls make sure that u regulate on ur workers because it should not take a whole month to figure out what's wrong with my a/c and I know u didn't hire monkeys to work with you and represent ur shop. They r really horrible!!!!...this is my car it's been 2 months and counting just to fix it...if ur car get hit worse than mine and u take to this shop you'll probably will never get ur car back. Josh I appreciate all the apologies but that **** doesn't do anything to all the inconvenience u cause me and my girl.....don't go to this shop pls cause I don't want anyone else to go through the bs and the inconvenience they putting me on!!!!!!!!!!


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