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Vehicle Make : Toyota
Kiara D..
1 out of 5
THEY ALLOWED MY VEHICLE TO BE FLOODED DURING THE HISTORIC LOUISIANA FLOODING IN AUGUST OF THIS YEAR, AND EVEN WITH PROOF, DENIED IT UNTIL THE END. If I could give 0 stars, I would, but I had to choose **** at the very least. I just want to make it known that I am utterly displeased with their lack of professionalism in tough situations. First of all, I brought my car here for repairs, where it stayed an extra month and I would never be notified about an additional appraisal or a date being pushed back for one reason or another, but I would find out when I called on or before the day to pick it up the car would never be ready: highly unprofessional. Second and MOST IMPORTANTLY, my vehicle was in the possession of Performance Finishes during the historic Louisiana flooding in August and I had received word that the area was severely flooded. I called after the flooding asking if the facilities were flooded and the employee said some equipment and machinery got wet, but no cars. When it was time to pick up my car, I asked if anything on their lot flooded and I was told only the totaled vehicles way in the back of the lot that were already totaled got some exposure to the flood waters. I received my car and everything seemed fine but after a few days it started to smell like mildew. I had done nothing to my car, but I finally took it to a detail shop when I discovered puddles of water under my mats on every carpet surface to inquire as to why this would be so. He pulled up the carpet to show me water sitting in the bed of my car that could've only come from flooding which probably wasn't noticeable at first when you clean the carpets but because water was sitting beneath the carpets, it eventually started to smell horrible to the point where I couldn't enter my car without my eyes watering and sneezing. I returned to Performance Finishes where they denied it until the end and told me they could do nothing for me except a running water test to see if there were in cracks near the rear right door where my repairs were made. The test reveals no cracks, so it's basically my work against everyone in their company's word denying that my vehicle was flooded. So they told me they could do nothing for me. The fact that this is the way they handled this situation, whether it be because I'm a young, female who came alone for correspondence the entire time or just because they wanted to cover their reputation, is sad and humiliating on their end. I did not have the personal time to get the law involved, so I was forced to file a flood insurance claim on my behalf to get this issue resolved. I want everyone to be aware of their malpractice because this was one of the worst experiences I've ever had with a repair shop that should not have been the case. Hopefully light is shed on this situation of which I still have documented proof, but if not, hopefully you'll consider this before you give your valued business to Performance Finishes.


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