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I was rear-ended on July 14, 2015 in my 2015 Kia Forte that I purchased brand new 9 months prior. I have been happy with the Bob King Service Center so when I read a few positive reviews online about their Collision Center, I was happy to have them perform the repair, which they were able to quote about a week after the accident. I was told it would take 2-3 weeks and leave me with a car that is "good as new." Today is August 25 (6 weeks after the accident) and my wife and I just made our THIRD unsuccessful attempt to pick up the car that Jeff Sapp has told us is "done" and "ready to go" three times now. When I arrived after getting the first phone call assuring me that the car was done, I discovered that the driver's seat frame was totally broken during the accident and totally overlooked by Bob King Collision Center. In addition, the trunk was misaligned with major gap issues as was the rear bumper. Jeff Sapp assured that all would be fixed. A week and a half later, my wife and I show up to pick up the car because I was assured that it was "ready to go" and "fixed correctly." We found that the driver's seat was indeed fixed, but even my wife instantly noticed that the trunk still had gap issues on one side and the taillight on the driver's side was protruding nearly a HALF INCH farther out than the passenger side (Jeff suspected a broken taillight?) After assuring me that he'd "get it fixed" this time, Jeff Sapp called me apologetically on the way home and told me that he "had to be honest with me" that the trunk wasn't fixed the "right way" this time, that they had tried to adjust and "massage it into place." This time, however, they were going to disassemble, paint and perform the work the "RIGHT way." Today, after receiving my third phone call from Jeff Sapp assuring me that the car is totally done, my wife goes to pick it up and finds that the trunk still has gap issues (including a few nicks in the paint around the taillight) and now the car has overspray on it from where the trunk was repainted. Jeff Sapp, again, tells her that they'll "get it right" and gives her the excuse that "this is what happens when work is rushed." Note: even though it has been SIX WEEKS since my accident, I haven't rushed Bob King Collision Center a bit during this process. In fact, in the beginning, I even told Jeff to take his time and that I'm more interested in a quality repair than a quick one. Tomorrow, Jeff claims, the car will be done. We have been very understanding and very patient during this entire ordeal, but my patience has run out. If you're in the Winston-Salem area and looking for a QUALITY repair after an accident, take your car ANYWHERE except Bob King Collision Center. There is a serious problem when my stay-at-home-mom wife who has no auto body experience can pick out issues that Jeff Sapp must have missed before he called me THREE TIMES to tell me that the car is ready to pick up.


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