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Vehicle Make : Pontiac
Joel K..
5 out of 5
I was in a horrific accident back on August 30, 2006. My car was taken to Springmall Auto Body, which was bought out by Caliber Collision. Over the years, one of the side running boards/molding clips broke, and a portion was detached from my car. I took my car in on September 19, 2017, over 11 years later, and they treated me as if I was a long lost friend, taking my car in immediately and making the necessary repairs, all within about 10 minutes of arriving. The gentleman who handled my needs was Mark Daiuto. Mark was extremely friendly, kind, knowledgeable, and overall, one of the best customer service representatives I have EVER met, and I mean EVER! If you ever need auto body repairs, no matter how small or how large, I highly recommend Caliber Collision of Springfield.
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Vehicle Make : Toyota
Mike W..
1 out of 5
After a car accident caused by other party, I was directed by Geico to the Caliber collision center. It turned out to be a nightmare. The aftermarket parts were used, the repair quality was poor, and the service offered by Geico and the collision center was horrible. Never go to Geco Repair Express at the Caliber collision center, go to an official dealership collision center.
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Vehicle Make : Toyota
Neil H..
1 out of 5
Poor craftsmanship. Had minor driverside rear quarter panel damage. Was called and yold truck was ready. As soon as i pulled in to check out I could see primer overspray inside the wheel well..on the leafsprings...on the lower door trim..etc. Red flag #****. Upon closer inspection I could easily see the paint did not match the other side of the truck. It wasnt even close. The service advisor we dealt with was not comprtent at all. She was inspecting the front of the truck when the damage was on the rear. Red flag #2. We demanded a manager. Pointed out the problems and he said very little. He only said they would fix it. Its been 5 days and no update. It better be fixed right or there will be a lawsuit coming.
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Vehicle Make : BMW
Toni P..
1 out of 5
This review is for the Caliber at Tyson's Corner (I can't find another listing on yelp for them though). We brought our late model BMW in for hail damage repair. This car is my baby - always in the garage (except in that darn hail storm at work!), always hand washed, always cared for meticulously. I know that car like the back of my hand. Caliber subcontracted to Dentmaster WHO WAS STELLAR as it turned out (I gave them a 5 star review). Dentmaster completed the repair, gave the car back to Caliber who proceeded to wash it with something that put huge scratches all over the hood and top. Seriously, the whole top surface of the car looked like someone had been ice skating and doing turns on it. We called Caliber and they admitted that they washed the car after the repair was done, and said that they "didn't do an intake picture" so couldn't verify that the scratches were created by them. We called Dentmaster who said "We don't care how it happened, if you aren't happy we will fix it." True professionals. We spoke to Caliber again who suddenly decided that they DID find intake pictures (even though my husband did not stop by Caliber at intake. The only pictures they could have taken would have been AFTER they washed it. It was a complete attempt to cover their error and flat out lie about the series of events. Again, Dentmaster offered us a rental car, took care of the damage that Caliber created and the car is beautiful again. I do not appreciate being lied to, nor having someone insinuate that I am lying. If I could give Caliber a -100 stars, I would. Stay away and be wary... but go straight to Dentmaster any time!
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Vehicle Make : Mini Cooper
Ralph P..
1 out of 5
My mini cooper was hit in the back. State Farm insisted on fixing the car so it was taken to Craftsman Auto Body in Leesburg. They transferred the car to the Burke location for repairs. The repairs took over 2 months and were never completed before I finally gave up and traded the car. The repairs were horrible, the body panels did not line up and the re assembly was amateur at best. Parts left off, screws sticking up through body panels into the interior, items loose, parts of the car not fixed, etc. Each time I took the car back with a list of problems they broke more things and would not complete the list. Finally gave up and traded the car, very poor amateur work.


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