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About Chilton Auto Body

We at Chilton Auto Body are leading the auto body industry in top quality collision repair. It is our mission to restore your vehicle back to pre-collision condition, all while serving you quickly and effectively.


Founded in 1969 by Charles Chilton, Chilton Auto Body has been serving the San Francisco Bay area with its auto body needs for over 40 years. Now Charles’ son, Mike Chilton, has been keeping up the family tradition, and has seen the auto body company to grow to over 8 locations throughout San Francisco, CA. As of today, we have served over 25,000 cars, and have made countless friends along the way.

Our Services

We at Chilton Auto Body have been providing the best in auto body repair to the Bay area for the past 40 years, and are proud of the vast array of services we provide. From the repair of your vehicle, to handling your rental car needs, to even talking with the insurance company about your vehicle’s repair needs, we are here to help.

Certified Training and Direct Repair Programs

Chilton Auto Body is certified with BMW and Toyota, and is certifiably trained with ASE, I-CAR, and CAA. 

At Chilton Auto Body, our staff is yearly trained and is certified, so to keep current with the latest in automotive technology. We ensure that all of our staff is knowledgeable, and properly trained so that they can properly restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition – making the car feel the way it did the first day you drove it.

While Your Car Is Being Repaired

At Chilton Auto Body, your car will go through 5 stages of repair:

  1. Repair Preparation
  2. Structure and Body Repair
  3. Refinishing
  4. Re-Assembly
  5. Preparation for Delivery

Remember, you are always able to call us to find out the status of your vehicle. We understand that getting your car fixed can be stressful, and you want to keep up to date. We at Chilton Auto Body are ready to help you with any questions you may have regarding your vehicle’s repair process.

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