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Why is it important for OEM's to endorse Verifacts ( VQ ) Programs

As an OEM, it is critical to your vehicle's reputation that repairer's who work on your vehicle perform all repairs in a manner that meets the manufactures repair specifications and recommendations. The OE's customer is also the shop's customer. Each time a VeriFacts Quality Verifier visits an auto body collision repair facility, VeriFacts has an opportunity to observe how easily and efficiently repairs can be made to return your customer's vehicle to your required specifications and recommendations.

Through phone calls made to the VeriFacts Technical Support Hotline and thousands of shop visits each year, the VeriFacts team fields hundreds of inquiries about vehicle repair situations, and may detect patterns related to specific year, makes or models of vehicles. VeriFacts takes a proactive approach to working with OEMs on increasing options for better repairability and producing more efficient repairs. VeriFacts can also provide feedback on how documentation or service information can be enhanced to provide clearer instructions for repair technicians, etc.

OEM Verifacts Verification

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