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Vehicle Make : Chevrolet
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I took my 1968 Chevelle to Car Craft Colision in the fall of 2013 to be media blasted and painted.I stipulated show quality paint as it was to be a show quality Pro street car.The Chassis was already done.New 4 link,New Moser drag race 12 bolt,New TCI Super Street ****,New 632 BBC with custom fab headers and 4 inch exhaust by Diamond race cars and ceramic coated by QC coatings.The chassis,4 link,tubs etc were all sanded,primed and painted show quality with Eastwood Chassis Black and the engine compartment was already painted before I took the car to Car Craft.the list goes on.I have a ton of money in the car.Things started going south from the very beginning.The first huge blunder was when they media blasted the car they blasted thru the gel coat on my $500.00 VHN custom fiberglass hood.The hood was 99% perfect and should not have been touched.What this meant was that they now had to re-gel coat the entire hood. It was a fiasco from that point on.The owner-Jim,told me he would need the car for just 2-3 months because it was a very good body.They had it 9 months.I asked them a number of times to tape off the chassis and engine compartment to protect all the finish work.I even sent emailed him pictures of how the chassis looked when I gave him the car and said that I expected it to look the same when he was done. He never did tape off the chassis.Instead he completely coated the entire chassis with some water based goo that dried to a milky hue.His idea was that when he was done with the car the goo could be reactivated with water and then wiped off.He never told me about any of this until I picked the car up a couple weeks ago and heres the kicker-he never wiped it off.When I started the car and the headers got hot then it baked on the goo to a dark **** and now it won't wipe off at al.The headers may now have to be sent out for recoating.It will take a full 8-12 hours to clean the goo off my chassis and this will pretty mean that some of it will need repainting. When they installed the new front and rear windshields they didn't use clearance clips.Now there are huge gaps between the windshield molding and the glass.I have to pay a company to remove and reinstall the windshields.These guys are hacks…Run the other way


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