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Vehicle Make : Chevrolet
Brandon R..
1 out of 5
This was the worst car experience a new car owner could experience. They swindled me out of $6,000 and sold me a lemon. I looked at a 2009 HHR with 70,000 miles on it. It seemed to have checked out, it didn't look old or very worn down so I decided to purchase it. They held onto it for two days to be extra sure that it would be in running condition. They claimed it had no issues other than a broken switch for the window. After a day of driving around, the fuel pump went. It took them an entire day to fix and got the car back the next day. I was told everything was fixed but the window and tried to call it, random bad luck. I drove it for 2 more days, then the DRL's wouldn't shut off. It took them over a week to figure out the issue which was a wire in the passage door. They kept telling me to be patient. They called me and told me everything was fixed so I headed over to pick it up. The window button was still broken and within 10 minutes of driving I discovered the turn signals and headlights were not working and had to turn around and leave it with them again. This makes a total of 3 things wrong with the car since I purchased it and they still have yet to fix the initial window problem. I got the car back after almost a week and it was "fixed" in their eyes. The lights worked but the turn signals stick and the window switch was inverted. I complained and he told me to just be happy that it works and that I have a running car. I had the feeling more things were wrong and took it GM to get the overall car looked at and asked them to specifically look at the passenger door. The Tech noted leaking struts, the front sway bar has play, all brake rotators are corroded, tire pressure is off, and oil filter cover is leaking. The "minor" repair costs according to GM would total about $****,200 in repairs. When they looked at the passenger door they discovered that they used an aftermarket part and wired it incorrectly. The window harness was cut and spliced which could cause problems down the road. GM estimated the repairs to be about $500 on top of the initial $****,200. When confronted about the situation, They told me they could only give me a discount on a warranty. Why would someone want a warranty from a place that does the work incorrectly? I drove it for over a week until the battery died one morning after sitting for only after 2 hours. They jumped my car and advised me to buy Triple A. They tried telling me I left something on but I feel it is something more. I finally decided to not keep the car since the issues kept rising. When I told them why, the seller was very rude to me and yelled at me over the phone until they hung up. They told me I am only entitled to a trade in and that I wouldn't get what I bought it for. I tried t go through the Lemon Law and the Attorney General says I don't have a claim and am now stuck with a lemon of a car that already had a series of issues with it. I guarantee there will be further issues within the next few months. I would avoid this business at all cost!


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