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Vehicle Make : Lincoln
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In 2011 Mike Reed was tasked with a project of a 1970 Lincoln, All that was needed to be done was prime the car, block the body, line up the doors, and paint the car...... 4 years later and countless amount of money. the doors are not aligned, the hood is out of alignment. it hits the sides, and chips. it came in with and aligned hood, but left out of alignment and in need of a hood hinge..... which was supplied...still never changed..... but charged to install. the windows, were tasked to be aligned, levelled.... yeah not done, just told it needs a window regulator.... why was this not done when the window was out? so any how, 4 years later, the low spots and wavy door panels are still under new paint. the paint is cracking. and there is a rust spot bubbling. but I was assured by Mike that this would be fixed. Nope, The chips, Well he attempted, however white out is not correct. it just looks tacky. but this is Mikes way of fixing the far as Mike finishing the paint job.... well he never finished, or just forgot to paint the rear fenders, yep, body filler showing... i guess he ran out of white out. Mike also reassured my self his paint would not look like orange peel.... hmmmm, it does.... this car has seen the sun for about 12 hours in the course of 4 years. SO IN CLOSURE, MIKE REED WILL NOT RETURN CALLS, WONDER IF HE KNOWS WHAT A HORRIBLE JOB HE HAS DONE? MIKE CALL ME ANYONE WHO IS READING THIS, AND IS WONDERING HOW HE DID, WELL CONTACT ME, YOU ARE MORE THAN WELCOME TO COME BY AND SEE HIS WORK


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