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Vehicle Make : Kia
Crystal K..
1 out of 5
My experience has been absolutely horrible! ???? Debra is very sweet and professional. God for bid, don't talk to Greg(owner) and ask him anything about your car after you've had four ETA's and every week get told another week! 31/2 weeks later, and he is still waiting on parts and finding new parts he needs. They offered me a discount since one harness part took so long and now they have taken that option away and he tells me if I keep **** him off by asking the same questions after he told me he would explain ONE TIME AND ONE TIME ONLY, he would make my car take another month if he wants to!!!! Seriously? And this is my insurance company (Mercury) "CARS" FACILITY?!?!? Than he proceeds with better yet, how about I refuse to quit working on your vehicle and you have to wait for another shop to come get it and it takes another two or three weeks for you to have it!!! I responded with, "Well, that's better than your first option of 30 days or more!!! He responds with I told you that you are **** me off, and hangs the phone up! Not very professional for the owner of a shop. I guess he doesn't understand that there is a BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN HIM AND I. I AM THE CONSUMER , I AM PAYING TO TALK TO HIM. HE IS THE SUPPLIER, WHICH IS GETTING PAID TO TALK TO ME AMD REPAIR MY VEHICLE. FOR SOME REASON HE FEELS HE NEEDS TO HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE SOME SORT OF EMPOWERMENT OVER MY CAR!!!! I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT A BUSINESS OWNER HAS THE NERVE/HEART TO THREATEN TO KEEP THE CAR OR MAKE IT TAKE LONGER BECAUSE I am upset that this has taken so long.My car has been gone a total of SEVEN WEEKS and he thinks it's some kind of competition game????(IT WAS IN HIS BUDDIES SHOP THAT TRIED TO COMMIT INSURANCE FRAUD ON MY VEHICLE AND I HAD TO FIGHT TOOTH AND NAIL TO GET IT PULLED OUT OF THERE, GREG ACTUALLY HELPED ME GET IT OUT OF THERE BY TELLING ME ABOUT NOT SIGNING PERMISSION TO REPAIR TO CLOSE ENCOUNTER'S) OH BUT ONCE IT GOT TO HIM, HE HAS PLAYED GAMES EVER SINCE! I just want my car back!!!!!! I DONT WANT TO PLAY THIS "GAME" ANYMORE!!! I have gotten no estimates at all just told my quote is pretty high up there!!! I am so discussed and saddened that there are people in this world that love to make a person go through hell for no reason.....HE SAYS IT BECOMES MY PROBLEM WHEN HE HAS TO WAIT A WEEK ND A HALF FOR A FRAME PULLER, A WEEK FOR APRONS, THREE WEEKS TO FIND OUT MY WHEEL CANT BE ORDER WHERE THEY THOUGHT THEY COULD. STILL WAITING THREE AND A HALF WEEKS LATER FOR SOME AIR BOX THAT I JUST HERE OF FOR THE FIRST TIME YESTERDAY. NEXT WEDNESDAY FOR THE HARNESS PART TO ARRIVE TEN DAYS TO INSTALL. AND WHAT EVER ELSE IS MISSING WHEN THEY PUT IT BACK TOGETHER AFTER ALL THAT IS DONE. SO NOW ANOTHER ETA of who knows when?!?!?


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