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Our work strives at "quality" service done right the first time. We define this as "anything that satisfies our customer". The focus is to understand our customers specific needs, then work to deliver that, not some generic notion of what a customer might find attractive, but what they actually desire from the experience. Secondly, we define execution of quality as "doing the job exactly right on the first attempt". This means making no mistakes along the way. Not getting it right after a couple of re-do's, but being thoughtful about needs and work upfront to ensure every move we make is the right one. Net result … a repair and experience that is faster, better and less expensive than our competition.


Our attempt: to flow work uninterrupted, step to step from inception to completion. This discipline to "not reverse work" forces you to solve problems that keep cars from returning to customers with quality. The result, faster repairs with higher quality at a lower cost.


"True" has a significant meaning to our people. First, as in "straight and True"or to produce work aimed at perfection. Secondly, as in "True Blue" or the loyalty we share with our customers and towards each other. Thirdly, as in "True North" or our long term objective to create mutual long term prosperity for our people, our partners, our customers and the communities we serve.

USAA and Liberty Mutual Users - Come by on Saturday!

At True Collision Centers at North Star, Crafton, Etna and North Wilmington, we offer a drive-thru area for those with USAA and Liberty Mutual insurance. This makes the estimate process an easy one! This is perfect for those who are not sure of where they want to go. It gives you a preview of who we are, what we can do for you, and will let you get the answers to the questions you have.

Don't have Liberty Mutual or USAA Insurance? Don't worry! We also work with all insurance companies to get your car back to pre-accident condition!

Come on By!

True Collision Centers at North Star, Crafton, Etna and North Wilmington are all here to help you. You can call us today at (302) 797-8783 to arrange an appointment for an estimate.

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