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5 Hot Car Accessories to Maximize Your Ride's "Cool Factor"

car accessories can improve the quality of your drive With the hottest months on their way, cool car accessories are more popular than during any other time of the year. If you're looking for some awesome aftermarket accessories to add to your car or truck, here are some suggestions from all of us at J & J Truck & Auto Body. If you're going to venture outside of Rapid City, SD to see the rest of the world, why not do it in unmatched style with some of the latest cutting-edge technology onboard?

1.) Precision Parking Park-Zone

This electronic parking guide is an amazing electronic aid that can help you to make sure you stop in the exact same spot each and every time. This one is made by a company that designs and manufactures a wide range of measurement tools, and it’s based on the same technology that most real estate agents use to measure the size of rooms. (Price: $29.99)

2.) Mobileye 560 Collision-Avoidance System

The Mobileye 560 has the capacity to convert your older car into a smart car. It informs drivers about impending collisions with both cars and pedestrians, or for when you're changing lanes or exceeding the speed limit. It basically combines most of all the most cutting-edge safety features out there without paying an arm and a leg. (Price: $849)

3.) Viper Remote Car Starters Viper Remote Car Starters

Many cars are currently designed with remote car starters on their keys, but there are a lot of other newer vehicles that do not have this feature. There are many different brands that offer a remote car starter, so always shop around. Viper Remote Car Starters use cutting-edge technology to provide drivers with a wide range of different features, but do your research before investing into any remote car starting system. (Price: $150)

4.) Valentine One Radar

The Valentine One Radar has the capability to detect up to nine separate radars simultaneously. It includes rear detection receivers that notify you when you've passed any radar and then it tells you when it's safe to start accelerating again. (Price: $500.00)

5.) Dashboard Video Recorder

Car accidents or other drama out on the road are almost always unexpected and often happen in a millisecond. Dashboard video recorders can allow drivers to record everything and that's why they are more and more popular worldwide. People are now accustomed to recording and documenting many aspects of their daily lives, so these devices are just another evolution in the world of automotive technology. (Price: $20-$200)


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