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Vehicle Make : Nissan
Nora P..
1 out of 5
What a terrible experience. I would give 0 stars if I could. Horrible employees, NO sense of customer took them 3 weeks to even give me any kind of status update on my car. Then, they provided me with an estimate of $10K in damage + labor, but a week later turned around and gave my insurer a $16K estimate and totaled the car. I called multiple times and nicely asked for a supervisor to call me, but my calls were never returned. They also ignored my insurance adjuster's multiple voicemails. A fun cherry on top of their feet-dragging and irresponsible customer service practices: they leave the cars in their lot unlocked AND unsecured (not behind any kind of fence). When I mentioned this to my adjuster, she called the shop. They told the adjuster that the car was only unlocked because the car was being worked on, and that as soon as they were done with it for the day they would ensure it was locked. I didn't believe them and went by after hours to check. Totally unlocked, hood popped, trunk unlocked, etc. I called the next day to ask why it was unlocked, despite their lies to the contrary to my insurance adjuster, and the manager (FINALLY) answered the phone and told me that it was unlocked because "the car doesn't run", so they couldn't put it behind their secure fence. A) my car was not the only one sitting out unlocked, so what's your excuse for the rest of your customers? B) if it doesn't run....YOU ARE A BODY SHOP, most of the cars you have are not running or working right! What do you expect? That doesn't give you the right to leave them unsecured, ripe for the picking of any chop shop guy that comes along. This business lied to my insurance company twice, lied to me multiple times, refused to let me speak to a supervisor until the third time I called and asked, never once updated me on the status of my repair or even provided me an estimate until I went in and asked....and that's just the beginning. What a disaster. They should be embarrassed to even continue to stay open.
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