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Vehicle Make : Volkswagen
Kellen H..
1 out of 5
They were really nice, that's about it... Went in to fix my bumper and they managed to mess up my horn and windshield wiper pump while fixing my bumper. Then I noticed that the parts they "fixed" my bumper with were damaged! They refused to fix it correctly unless I was going to pay for ANOTHER brand new part.
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Vehicle Make : Audi
Abby T..
1 out of 5
Terrible experience. Ended up taking almost a month to get my bumper fixed after I was told it would be less than a week. After I got my car home I saw smoke coming from under the hood and discovered an oil rag had been left on my radiator and was smoking. Then on the day before Christmas I got a call saying I had not paid in full and owed another $1500, even after I was assured at the time of picking up my vehicle that I had paid in full. The response I received when I brought this up was: "We were also training on a new management system right around this time, so I apologize." - Beth Kaiser, Customer Service Unprofessional and truly a nightmare on the communication and billing end.
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Vehicle Make : Honda
Brad H..
1 out of 5
The following is an email that I sent to them today. In all, a very bad customer experience. I am extremely disappointed with your treatment to customers, or at least to me. I came to your office on August 19th. I provided an estimate for repair of my 2009 Honda accord from Property Damage Appraiser Denver as a result of being rear ended by a ChemGreen truck. Bob Henkel, the adjuster at your facility to whom I spoke with that day told me they could get a new rear bumper ordered soon and that I would be contacted within a few days to schedule the repair. Its now a week later and so far I have not heard anything from your company! I called today, and they told me there was not even a record of me or my vehicle in your system! I told the person I talked with that the person I spoke with sat 3 glass offices down from the main door. She informed me that was Bob Henkel and that she would connect me. She did and I was very surprised to get voice mail instead of the real Bob to explain why I had not yet been contacted. I would think in such situations, your personnel would make more effort in correcting mistakes they made and also take care to retain their customers. I was definitely left with the feeling that the problem must somehow be my fault and that I have zero value as a customer. I went ahead a left Bob a voice mail with the same information in this email. I also informed him that if I was not contacted soon that I will take my business else where. Just thought your management should know about this before they loose even more business from other potential customers.


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