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Vehicle Make : Ford
Black2492 ...
1 out of 5
I took my off duty vehicle in for repair and it took 2 weeks to get it back, mind you, I lost revenue during the downtime, and happen to see it sitting outside. No one called to tell me it was ready and it was already after noonish. When I finally got it back that Monday I had taken it back 5 times within two days. What's more appalling is that the "electrician" acted as if I were inconveniencing him by bringing it back for him to correct his screw up. Instead of him calling and asking me what aftermarket merchandise(s) was wired to what he proceeded to cut wires, then lie to me and tell me that the merchandise i.e. The siren, and rear zig zags NEVER worked. I was appalled that this man had the audacity to lie to me to my face, as if I didn't know ehat worked and what didn't work. It took everything within me to not lose my cool. I'm a police officer and the last thing I'd do is try and get over on someone.....anyone. The only thing that didn't work were the grille lights, which I admitted to. I didn't know the zig zags weren't working til I was on an off duty job that Thursday night and did a walk around inspection. So, I brought it back to Auto Body Clinic, and the same electrician stated that "the back lights never worked!" I knew that to be a lie because both the front and rear ran on the same box, so if the back didn't work the front ones wouldn't either. Eventually he saw that he had indeed cut the negative wire under the hood, and when he grounded it out under the driver's side floor panel ALL four of the zig zags came on. I told him that the ones in the back.....the ones you said never worked are on. He looked like a child once their hand is caught in the cookie jar, and apologized. Fast forward to Saturday, the same grille lights that weren't working I decided to finally re-wire them, as well as adjust the headlights, which are still off even after he adjusted them. I saw where he tore three of them completely off. I will NOT be doing business with this establishment ever again, and I can't stress that enough. And just to think I paid a deductible for a headache with subpar work. I will re-purchase a set of grille lights and re-install them myself. That way I know it's done right!!!
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Vehicle Make : Nissan
Tom H..
2 out of 5
Tne moment I walked in I was uneasy. Only one guy was working. Once he saw my car he was dismissive. In the end they did the least work possible. They painted the bumper- period. Very poor customer service.


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