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How Often Should Your Oil Really Be Changed

How Often Should Oil Really Be Changed?

You know the drill: Take your car in every 3,000 miles or three months (whichever comes first) for its regular oil change. It's been the same way for years and years. But times have changed, and we hope these tips help you keep up with what you really should be doing in terms of oil changes.

Before you do (or don’t do) anything, read your owner's manual. Depending on what type of car you drive, you may be pleasantly surprised. For instance, Acura suggests that owners change the oil every 7,500 miles or one year. On the other hand, whatever the mileage is, you should change the oil within the time frame given—whether it be three months, six months, or one year. The standard now is right around 5,000 miles, although there is no exact science when it comes to an oil change.

Don't worry so much if you happen to switch from an old brand of oil to a new one. It's more important that you stick with the manufacturer's recommendations in terms of the engine oil weight. You should also use a product with the API Certification Seal for gasoline engines, which proves that your oil meets the American Petroleum Institute's latest requirements and that it is energy conserving.

As you're getting your oil changed, be sure to change the filter as well, or risk contaminating the new oil with the grime that's in the old filter. And check your oil level every few hundred miles on your own. If you add oil yourself, always caution against overfilling it, as that may result in serious engine problems.

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Happy driving!

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