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How to Remove Bugs & Tar

How To Remove Bugs & Tar


While we can both agree that bugs look awful dotted across your front bumper and hood, they can also be very destructive.  Bugs can damage the paint long after they hit the car.  As the insect decomposes, they produce enzymes intended to break down the carcass.  These enzymes also break down automotive paint, resulting in etching.

In addition to bugs, your vehicle is also going to have the opportunity to collect tar, tree sap, and bird droppings.  None of these are good for your vehicle’s paint finish.

Bug & Tar Removal

As soon as you notice bugs, tar, or anything foreign on your vehicle, take action.

If the spot is relatively fresh, use a microfiber towel and some water or paint cleaning solution to wipe the paint clean.  This is ideal because you’re not removing any existing wax.

If that does not work, you need a back-up plan.  For a small spot of bugs, you can use a bug and tar remover.  The issue with bug and tar removers is that you should reapply paint protection afterward.

Let’s say you just drove from Florida to Atlanta and your car is covered in bugs.  Instead of trying to address each spot, you should wash your entire vehicle.  As you’re soaping down the front of your vehicle, use a cleaning agent that is safe for your paint and gently wash the entire area in a back and forth motion.  You can also use a cloth with a honeycomb texture that will help you get under the bug remains and lifts them off the paint.

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Happy driving!

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