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The Dangers of Window Tinting

Window Tints

It’s no big surprise why tinted vehicle windows are so popular. Drivers want to look cool, and value their privacy while protecting the interiors of their vehicles. Not to mention the fact that tinting makes the sun easier on your eyes and thieves cannot see what is inside, making your vehicle is less likely to be broken into. While all of these are great features that many drivers desire, it’s important to know and remember that tinted windows can also pose certain hazards while driving.

Here is a short list of all the risks associated with tinting windows, brought to you by Stewart Auto Repair, one of the best body shops in FL. Here in Winter Haven, we see a lot of vehicles with tinted windows, so we're happy to share this information with you.

Tinting Can Impede Driver Communication

Cars with Tinted Windows

Whether you know it or not, you and your fellow drivers engage in body language communication. While you can’t always see each other, all of us commonly use this body language to determine the other driver's next move. We are constantly making assessments about things such as the right of way at stop signs, parking lots, while merging and any other number of similar situations. Dark window tints prevent eye contact, which limits our ability to communicate. These miscommunications can lead to dangerous accidents and wrecks and worse—fatalities.

However, much of this danger can be mitigated with a few simple safety steps. First of all, if you have heavily tinted windows, keep in mind that other drivers will not be able to read your body language. This means it is important for you to consider that the drivers around you may not understand your intentions. Be sure to utilize your blinkers every time! Just because other drivers cannot see you, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t communicate with them.

If You Have Tinted Windows, You Need to Be Especially Cautious  

Regardless of whether you do or do not tint your windows, be sure to identify cars around you while in Winter Haven traffic that have window tints. It is important that you keep these vehicles in mind and look out for other telltale signs of intent, such as blinkers or shifting inside of their lane. Rather than risk a collision, don’t tempt fate by attempting to assert your right of way. You never want anything for granted or assume how another driver will act.


This is especially true for pedestrians as well. Exercise caution when entering a crosswalk if it is being approached by a vehicle with tinted windows. Even though it's a law for drivers to stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk, many drivers do not. In a scenario where there isn't any communication between cars and pedestrians, either visual or verbal, things can get dangerous rather quickly.

Ultimately, tinted windows are excellent customization features for vehicles with numerous benefits. It is important, however, to recognize the associated risks and be aware of the safety of ourselves and those around us. That way, everyone can get to their destination safe and sound, which is the way we like it here at Stewart Auto Repair!

Sources: ABN, NHTSA and Wikipedia

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