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When Is the Ideal Time to Buy a New Car?

You've done your research and your due diligence and you now have 2-3 brands and models that you're interested in. But, even if you've done your homework and been pre-approved to buy any new vehicle, it can still be hit-and-miss to get the best deal available, here in  Chesapeake , VA  or anywhere else in the country. 

Why do some people save tons of money on a new car purchase while other folks have to pay through their noses for the same car? Negotiating price is a big part of it, but by knowing the best and worst times to get a good deal on your car is instrumental to your final savings!

So here are some tips from  Rick Hendrick Collision Center Chesapeake  about the best time to buy a new car:

AutoBody-Review when is the right time to buy a new carBest Time to Buy

Retail studies about car dealerships show that the fall and winter months have the best potential for significant discounts, but that doesn't mean it's the only time to buy.

Cars are discounted more aggressively during the colder months, but inventories eventually play the biggest role. When the 2016 vehicles start sitting around in dealerships, that is when the deep discounts really begin.

To stay on top of it, you have to be willing to watch the car market in your area literally every week, but be especially vigilant in September and October, when dealerships may start unloading their vehicles.

Other Helpful Tips

·         Shop early in the week. On weekends, car dealerships  are normally jammed with buyers, so if you want special attention, shop on Mondays and Tuesdays, especially.

·         Shop at the end of the month or quarter. Sales reps at dealerships are continually reviewed on their sales performance. At the conclusion of a month or quarter, they are usually hungry to make those last sales, so shopping at the end of a month or quarter is a brilliant move.

·         Make your offer at the end of the day. If a sales rep is having a bad day or trying to make quota, he or she is likely going to be a little more agreeable to a sweeter deal as the clock ticks away. Some people have made amazing deals right before closing time.

·         Keep an eye out for closeout models. Shopping for 2016 models right now is a smart move, because dealerships are poised to unload them. To get them off their lot, the dealership has to sell them--pronto--so consider a year-old car and remember--it's still new.

We strive to bring you relative content from Rick Hendrick Collision Center Chesapeake in Chesapeake , VA .

Sources: Wall Street Journal, Consumer Report and Forbes

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